It’s time for…

Good News/Bad News!

Good News:

– Rested at Long Beach Jazz Fest this past weekend.

– Did a design for Steve B. of Mighty Music, and you’ll see it showcased when it’s good and ready.

– Am back into the Writing Groove

Bad News

– Woke up with a head cold.

ARGH. Two years of not being sick, and hello, good morning!

However, I got paid for my overtime, so I’m hopefully going to be reserving some show tickets in the next two weeks. Notably…Barbieri and Botti, both at the Blue Note.
Chapter 6 is approaching finalization…

…and I need some damn Sudafed, ‘scusi.*achoo!*



2 thoughts on “It’s time for…

  1. wish i could get to shows. would love to see Botti again. i’m jealous you’re seeing Brubeck…i’d seriously love to go see him…how often do you get to see what i call a grand jazz master play?

    1. Dude, you live only once. COME AND SEE THIS.

      I had to shell for this one. I do not know how long the man will still be with us; he is 90 years old and is the epitome of music legend. It’s looking to be a memory that I cannot pass up.

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