Coming Home

Now that I’m all jazzed out and relaxed – and I do mean relaxed, I turned off my cell and PDAs for most of it all! – I am finally ready to come home. And jeez louise, I think i have a lot of catching up to do.

First off, a huge, hearty congratulations to everyone who won at the American Smooth Jazz Awards at Chicago’s DuSable Museum on Oct. 29th. A cheer to all the participants and nominees, and a request for pictures and recaps from everyone who was there. Seriously. Give me a blow-by-blow.

Second: I have been slowly working on a couple of things while I was on the ship, one of which being…the writeup. My dears, I would not leave you without a recap. I’m afraid I won’t be able to be as detailed as possible, seeing as I wasn’t everywhere, and the boat – Carnival Liberty – rocked so much that my sleep was nonexistent. Also, I did not take many pictures, seeing as they were prohibited, and my camera’s nonflash setting was by no means in its best shape. Why, beats me.

However, the trip…oh, the trip!!! I was in Grand Turk and felt like I needed to temporarily stop time. I missed swimming in the cool blue of the Caribbean, where treading water isn’t even necessary. The humidless heat. The colors. It reminded me a good bit of Montego Bay, but the scent is different. In Grand Turk, I could smell the poolside barbecue. In Montego Bay, it’s honeysuckle and tropical flowers.

But that’s me deviating, and perhaps being a little bit sappy. I did miss the tropics, however. And I will issue a special thanks to a friend for a small favor at a better time.

So. It’s an hour until boarding time, I got enough in battery juice, so that’s no worry.

And, from what I gather, NY’s gotten cold. BAH. Looks like I took my getaway just in time.

To my beloved New Yorker readers and friends, your favorite author/blogger/jazz lover/bon vivant is coming home in order to wreak her usual mayhem once more.

And let’s not forget!!! NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month! Effective on Monday, 50K words or bust. Am I writing? oh hell yes. Like you have to ask.