Chasing Music: Capital Jazz SuperCruise, Day 2

And so, the adventure continues! Mind that for the rest of my recollections, I kept the programs from all the days, and have been making the short notes throughout the trip. But…this isn’t for short notes, is it? :)

So onward we go…

Day 2: At Sea

First thing I learned had to be that the worst place to have a cabin is by the tail end of the ship. Never mind the boat rocking; that’s to be expected. Random waking up to the housekeeping carts clattering somewhere right next to your head is another business altogether. Having a vacation with sleep deprivation is a woefully bad idea, as you can infer.

So is having a turkey sandwich from the deli if the boat is rocking to the degree that walking in heels is difficult. Absolutely no offense to Carnival, but when you get some shock absorbers in your ships, then you serve the turkey.

Show-wise, I ducked out of Phil Perry and Take 6 a little early. Not just because I’m not the vocal music type, and the Take 6 harmonies were to die for, but because  one of my favorite people, a certain Mr. Jeff Lorber, had his show at the opposite end of the ship! That lounge was every bit as packed as the theatre for Take 6 and Phil Perry, so full that the only way I got a seat was by situating myself at the dais steps in the back of the lounge. And need I even say it – Jeff spared nothing. Chuck Loeb and Marion Meadows were brought up as special guests in the finale, and if this is a finale, then I have to give Mr. Lorber some serious credit for wrapping it up with a bang.

But that’s just the start. As I discovered, when you’re on the CapJazz cruise, Sea Day = Jam Session. Jam session = gotta be there.

Highlights of the jam are:

–          Gerald Veasley as host. If Nick Colionne is raunchy in his emcee duties, what with the occasional off-color remark, Gerald’s tack is to gently approach from as far out of the left field as possible. I have to confess that when I wasn’t grooving along, or applauding, I was chuckling.

–          Brian Culbertson and the trombone dominating!!! that jam session. He blasted in with some heavy funk, and continued playing right into the audience. I should now perhaps point out that the lounge was packed to the gills. Mind that this also convinced me: never, ever let Culby go in the first ten minutes of a jam session. How the hell do you top that?

–          Double bass: Gerald Veasley/Jerry Brooks. If you never had a bass line vibrate your ribs, this would do the trick. The both of them together can lay it down like nothing you’d hear.

–          U-Nam rocking out. If you like your guitars like I do, you see U-Nam and just indulge. He has some serious chops.

–          Walter Beasley doing a Grover Washington, Jr. tribute with Winelight, which is one of my many favorites by Grover. Aaahh…

…Unfortunately, that would be exactly where I crawled back into my cabin, because it was 1:30am and I was bone tired. I was there! I was willing! My consciousness, however, begged to differ on that account.

Next up is St. Thomas, and all the goodies therein and aboard.



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