NaNoWriMo update #4

Good grief.

I’ve…slacked. A lot. I should have written at least the rest of the chapter – which is becoming more and more verbose and long-winded; I can almost feel the word-padding going on – on Tuesday, but I effectively crawled over to my friend’s house and passed out. The day made me feel like a squeezed lemon. I did a good amount of laptop-wrestling last night (AVG 2011 decided to spazz on me then) after Nate Najar’s lovely show, so of course, my writing was minimal. I should have been at 35,000 words last night. I’m very much not.

That should be, and will be rectified posthaste.

Oddly, though, the more I write, the more I get excited about the storyline I started putting into place. It’s definitely slow going, and the character of Corwin Jacobs (newly renamed, and I like this one) may be showing some of his personality soon. So far he’s just a sideman, and I don’t have a bigger role for him…not yet, anyway. The larger plot is still percolating, but it’s definitely now giving way to the Other Plot that I have in place right now, also percolating. And of course, there’s a big battle in there too…of course. :)

Between all of that, I’m awaiting a few e-mails and calls regarding unrelated-to-writing things, and I have two deadlines to meet. So, plenty for me to do :)