Every year, around this time, I see multiple posts on FB, as well as hear general inquiries of the question, “What are you thankful for?”

The responses vary from family to deity,  and it never fails to get me thinking about things in terms of, “What or who had gotten me this far?” Where I come from, the end of the year is a time of introspection, and there’s a saying that if you start a year a certain way, you’ll spend it exactly like that.

Oddly enough, it’s exactly how things worked for me so far. I spent my holidays with friends, and spent most of the year with them. If I greet the New Year stone-ass-broke (but with good reason, like I rang in 2010!), then I’ll stay that way and the reasons will still be good.

So, this year, I began thinking about what got me this far.

Year after year, and this one is no exception, I end up thanking my chiropractor first, always, if only on the account that she is singlehandedly responsible for me having a steady job. I got hired when the economy just started heading into the pits, and by luck it was a job that I ended up keeping for what is looking to be the fourth year. Also in retrospect, this job was exactly what I needed, especially if you consider that my ambition is to be my own boss. At my day job, I learned all the skills necessary to run my own business and be my own manager and bookkeeper.

Most definitely, I am also thankful for my group of friends, both at home and out of state. Where most people think of their blood relation when being thankful for their family, but when I say “family” I mean something else entirely. I mean the group of friends who, regardless of how long they were as such, have been nothing but supportive in my sometimes harebrained endeavors. I went through some interesting times with those people, both good and bad, and if not for them and their support and influences, I really haven’t a clue what would have happened to me.

And I’m especially thankful for the musical and creative experiences that had come my way through the past two years, not just 2010. The 2009-2010 period has so far been nothing short of madcap, and I loved every single minute of it. I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me in the coming year, and if the tentative lineup for CapJazz 2011 is any indication…then geeze louise, I’m in for a HELL of a good time.

To all of my readers, have a great Thanksgiving, with whomever you think your family to be, and celebrate it whichever way you see fit.

My celebration? Blue Note with Madame Keiko Matsui.