Good gravy.

It finally sank in just now: I won National Novel Writing Month five times in a row.

In addition thereto, I have two published manuscripts, one in progress for publication prep, one pending a heavy edit, and another awaiting completion. Which means…hoo boy, I have work to do.

As a part of writing a series, it’s an inevitability that one is going to get scrambled within their own plotlines. There’s nothing new or unexpected about it; it happens with every story that gets stretched to continuation. Especially while working on Manuscript #4, which won me last year’s NaNoWriMo, I got into the habit of writing and inserting author’s notes, reminding myself to double-check on my sources, that is to say a previous manuscript. And let me tell you, that helps. There are some plot holes that are reminding me that the story is either open to a lot more flexibility or is requiring a lot of re-tweaking for it to make sense.

So, on my agenda:

– Finish out the prelim edit of Book 3. I stopped at around Chapter 9 because of 1. NaNo and 2. generally being busy.

Simultaneously, begin editing Book 4. The reason why it’s simultaneous is because Books 3 and 4 are very closely tied together, so whatever happens in one will influence the other, and I have the final outcomes already in mind.

– Leave Book 5 alone until the above is done.

The last one is a toughie. You, my friends and readers, know me: I am a singularly determined person, and I don’t leave things incomplete. Book 4, though it was like pulling teeth after some time, stands completed, even in its unrefined form. So to leave Book 5 just lingering there…that’s going to be interesting. And in addition to that, there’s Christmas gallivanting to be done.

Why yes, I’m spending another holiday at the Note. :)

So, with a long deep breath and some caffeine, off to work I get.