Wow. Classy. *slow clap*

Newt Gingrich is blaming US’s problems…on the unemployed.

But of course, it’s only logical. The person’s already down, why not give them another kick? They’re trying to find work that the corporations and politicians outsourced, which only exacerbated the unemployment – how dare they not grovel and clean off the hubcaps? After all, if those dumb unemployed people can’t find jobs, why are they even here? They shouldn’t drain taxpayer dollars with such luxuries as health, food, and a place to live!

…I hope you guys realize that the above was sarcasm, and that even typing it in a sarcastic fashion made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Now, on the real…this has to be one of the most ludicrous assessments I’ve ever heard in a long time. Bad enough that there exists a presumption that the unemployed are unemployable, never mind how they lost their original jobs to begin with, or just weren’t able to find a first job if they’re under 25, but now we get assholes saying that the American economic problems are caused by the unemployed. As though they asked to be in this situation. Nice, real nice… *spit*

To address the article, “leftist” news media doesn’t exist, and I’d like to know what planet Gingrich visited to make him think that such a thing is possible. If there was a leftist station, then we wouldn’t have the misinfo pits such as Fox News, or CNN. “Leftist” media my arse; I’d like to see even one journalist – one! – bring up Bush war crimes on a national platform. But nope, instead it’s all about how terrible this deal is that Obama signed, not because it extends the tax cuts for people who really don’t deserve them at all, but because it extends unemployment benefits.

Not that Obama didn’t disappoint me on many levels. I voted for him because the idea of Sarah Palin as a VP under John “Pathological Asshole” McCain terrified me. This is a woman who had nothing whatsoever against rape victims paying for their own rape kit tests. As a female, and as a crim-justice graduate, that sent a cold chill down my spine, and still does. Obama did women’s rights a lot of good, but his attempts at cooperation don’t reconcile with the fact that the people he’s attempting to cooperate with have no business being part of the public, never mind legislating public policy. As a result, he’s been walked over, and caved. He’s the fucking President. The last thing he should be doing is caving on a campaign promise. To that, I’m disappointed severely, but the unemployment benefit extension – that was a piece of good, because there’s no telling how many people’s livelihoods he saved by this. Because guess what: there’s no accurate unemployment statistic. Take whatever you hear and double it, and maybe you’d be right.

But I digress a little.

Seriously, Newt? Seriously? The unemployed are to blame? What the fuck, did you forget history? Because, if I remember properly, a good part of the end of the Great Depression was to put the unemployed to work. Like, I dunno, build a call center that the cronies padding your wallet have exported to India. Like – and gee, this is such a terrible idea! – build an auto manufacturing plant or a steel mill into towns that are otherwise dying. But oh my, this requires…common sense! We can’t have that from a big bad Republican, can we? Nope, so much easier to blame people who are hurt the absolute worst by any and all policies that your Repuke friends are putting up.

Newt Gingrich, honestly – I hope you will remember the vitriol that you elicit, because it’s fully, completely earned. I especially remember what you did to your ex-wife, you pathetic, inhuman, overpaid sack of shit. Nope, no one forgot that you left her as she was on her deathbed from cancer. And no one will. Just make sure you remember that.



2 thoughts on “Wow. Classy. *slow clap*

  1. i can’t believe he’d blame problems on the unemployed. let’s take a look at what companies like GM did to Flint. people can’t find jobs in their respective fields, as jobs have been outsourced, or just eliminated due to plant closures, or the company going out of business. most job markets, there are literally NO JOBS available, especially good paying factory jobs. like the town we live in, so many factories have left town, and then they wonder WHY this town hasn’t turned around in over 30 years. common sense, people. you eliminate jobs, people leave town, the economy goes in the shitter, and then you’re left with a literal ghost town that has no hope of ever being revitalized. Newt should be ashamed of himself for these comments. he can go ahead and run for president, he won’t win the nomination

    1. Common sense is no longer common, honestly.
      This reminds me of a book I read, semi-autobiographical, where a character says, “The only thing those rich people worry about is how not to suffer being less rich than they were before.” (in translation). You know, it’s the same thing here. I see that the more people amass wealth, the more concerned they become about keeping it, and to hell about whom they have to step over to do so. Sadly, I’m completely not surprised by any of this.

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