Music time! A selection of Tracks that Caught My Ear.

Maybe it’s the fact that typing warms my hands, or the fact that good music distracts from the fact that it’s bloody cold in here!, but I’ve acquired a new case of Music Stuck in Head. Or, as we writers call it, the earworm.

Now, the first one was featured by the lovely Lynn Olson at the Lynn Lives Jazz site.

This time, it’s an odd assortment, and has nothing to do with the Christmas season.

Chris Geith: Coastal Daydreaming

If you’re in any jazz community and are online, then you’re certain to have heard this. And if you didn’t, you probably should. Off Island of a Thousand Dreams, this is a surprisingly bright piece of piano, and delightful in the simplicity of its arrangement. Piano, bass, drums, and the slightest bit of synth accent. Simplistic me is more than satisfied, and piano lover in me can pinpoint the roots of classical training.

Nate Najar: Jive at Five

You know, I always had quite the affinity for the guitar, and the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to the acoustic. But old-school acoustic has a certain degree of its own warmth and that would be Nate Najar’s Trio. Light drum, upright bass without amplification, and a light guitar is what the doctor orders for any old-school lover. Jive presents itself as a light, intricate melody that moves well and keeps going.

Which reminds me: I lapsed on a writeup. Crud. This is what happens when I get busier than I can stand!

Jerald Daemyon: You Make Me Feel Brand New

This song is unmistakable, and the original by the Stylistics had made it a seventies’ classic. Personally, it’s one of my favorite slow jams. What I never thought was how a violin – an electric violin, to boot – could make that song sound.

Originally, I caught this on Pandora, and while I knew what the song was, and who was behind it originally, the electric violin added a very different edge to it. Compared to a classical violin, the electric is much sharper and more pervasive than its counterpart, and with that on lead as opposed to vocals, the overall effect makes for an ear-catching take on a classic.

Spyro Gyra: Ariana

This one has been around for a while – a long while. Love and Other Obsessions was out for fifteen years, and no matter how many Spyro Gyra shows I attend, I always catch myself thinking, “This song should get more play in show.” It’s definitely on the more emotional side of the Spyro spectrum; while the sound has always been gentle, this is a little more than usual – wistful even. It’s the kind of wistful that makes you pay attention that much more.

Peter White: Mister Magic

Grover Washington Jr. is an inimitable influence, but oh, what that influence can be translated into still makes me look twice. Walter Beasley can do Winelight to a precise rendition, Peter White takes Mister Magic and adds a funk that just won’t quit. Whoever is on the keyboards with Peter on this track is brilliant, and the energy that Grover set worth with the original takes on a life of its own with Peter’s playful acoustic.

Dave Koz: This Guy’s In Love With You.

No, kids, I’m not getting sappy on you, but when I was listening through Hello Tomorrow, this surprised me. Why, you may ask? Dave sings. And that I didn’t expect. Having seen Dave as a show host, having seen him on TV a few times as a personality, I know his voice – I didn’t expect to ever hear him sing, and was quite pleasantly surprised when I did. Herb Alpert must have had quite a smile going on in the progress of all this being done.

As a whole, Hello Tomorrow is a a delight.

Now…it’s late. It’s almost Christmas Eve, and though I don’t celebrate it, I promise that I’ll serve up a lovely helping of Christmas cheer tomorrow, courtesy of a good friend of mine.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Music time! A selection of Tracks that Caught My Ear.

    1. Nothing like a classic trumpet, truth be told!

      I just…well, I never heard Dave sing before. Now that I did, it’s like, “okay, what else can you do?”

  1. i need to order Chris Geith’s CD “Island of a Thousand Dreams”. he gave me a link that allowed me to listen to the entire CD once, and it was freakin’ incredible, the entire CD!! there is NOT ONE track on there that i don’t like, the whole CD is THAT good!. Chris told me if i didn’t wish to order it through CDBaby, that i could go to my local record store, which in this case, is FYE, that i could order it there. so, next time i get over there(Christmas eve), i’m going to see if i can order it. if i can’t get it there, i’ll go to Barnes&Noble in King of Prussia(30 minutes away), and see if i can order it there. i don’t really have a credit card, other than my debit card, and there’s hardly any money in that account, as i’m a po boy.

    1. I LOVE that CD, honestly. It’s one of those things that makes you truly appreciate what a piano can do. That and Ryan Farish’s Wonderfall.

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