I’m sure that everyone who reads this blog knows that NY had a ton of snow dumped on courtesy of Mother Nature. Let’s just say, Nature is a mother indeed, because I don’t think that the city got this crippled even in the February blizzard from earlier this year.

Yesterday, when I opened the door, I was greeted with snow up to my knees, and an enormous drift where my five front steps used to be. The wrought-iron fence separating the tiny front “courtyard” from the sidewalk was also buried under snow, and that fence is at my hip level. The minute I saw this, I said the wisest words that day: “Screw this, I’m going back to bed.”

So, when I awoke this morning, I found the following:

1. Walking path down the stairs, and one that hugs all the fences on the block to the corner.

2. Main street plowed (by a silver SUV with plow attachment….thank you, silver SUV)

3. Drifts still up to my hip

4. Only one subway line functioning.

If you have me on Facebook, then you probably know of my occasional frustration with the NY Transit system. Not for nothing, though, I have to give it its props. It’s the best system across the continental US for public transit, and one of the most extensive systems, between bus network and the subways. But, like all systems, it’s not foolproof, and we have a slew of expected and unexpected incidents with it.

I never in my life would have imagined that a blizzard would effectively shut the city down.

As of right now, only the F line – luckily, that’s one of the subway lines that I take – is fully functional, but when my coworker came in, he told me that there was an announcement on his line that only one train on the F is going into Brooklyn.

Good grief, I hope that’s not going to be true when work is done, because I may well be stranded at my job if that’s the case. Not that I’ll complain about making up for lost hours, but by no means is this what I had in mind. Not to mention, the Furniture Adventures for Christmas were not easy on my joints, and I think that my chiropractor will want my head on a platter. Oy.

But, a great tradeoff is that climbing through all those snowbanks and snowdrifts has a very soporific effect, and for once, I hope to sleep soundly.Which is very conducive to my writerly side. :)



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