Happy 2011!!! New Year, On Resolutions, and More.

This post and message comes to you live from the house of my lovely cover artist, Jenna, and now that the New Year is an hour in, I am experiencing a bout of the requisite creative insomnia.

Now is the time that most people make their New Year’s Resolutions. You know the ones. “This year I will exercise more!” “This year I will do X or Y thing.” All of those are  motivations for people to better themselves and to make themselves better people. That is how I had a friend explain the phenomenon of New Year’s Resolutions.

I grew up with the impression that a new year meant a chance to explore new things, and if it starts off well, then it would finish well. That, at least, is how I kept that impression and I carried it through to today. Which is precisely why I’m over at a houseful of great people that I adore and treat as my own family. I have chosen this manner of celebration – spending it with people I care about – because that is whom I want to be surrounded by through 2011.

As I got familiar with the concept of New Year’s Resolutions, I started thinking of what I wanted out of myself through this year. I definitely want to have more people reading this blog – which is why I would love it if you, my dear readers, refer your friends and family to this site. It may be a bit more “stream of consciousness” than “music and book meanderings” lately, but you know what you’ve read here, and if you think someone would like, then please, by all means. I always welcome guests. I would also love to have more in designwork, which is why I look forward to K.G. Creative Enterprises taking off. Of course, I want more traveling. And more spending time with people I love and care about.

And, of course, more jazz music. Lots and lots.

That’s not something I can put into a resolution. I do intend to hit the gym a lot more, seeing as my schedule had gotten so hectic that I forgot how great it feels to let my muscles do the talking. But that’s hardly a resolution. I can eat healthier than I already do – but would watching my diet be anywhere near as important as reconnecting with someone I don’t see very often? What I really want out of 2011, I can’t put into a resolution. Those are long-term goals, perhaps some of them lifelong, that can’t be summarized as a resolve to perform one action or the other. It’s something that is a lot more complex, and a lot more than just a resolve towards an action. Rather, it would be best to just have the action itself.

Well…maybe the sole exceptions to that will be the booking of Dave Koz Mediterranean. Now that I look forward to. That and the release of Book 3: Lineage of my series. I’m sure that you will quite like the possibilities.

Now, as I finish the last sips of the mimosa that my friends and I have mixed up, and glance at the taskbar clock for my requisite, near-nightly “geeze, I should really consider going to bed!” I can’t believe what a year it has been. I met a slew of people, made a foray into taking my design habit to a new level, saw the amazing Berks Jazz Fest, and got back aboard a music-bound ship. I can only wait and see what this year, the one that just began, has in store for me, you, and the world at large.

And thus, I bid you all, my faithful readers, an amazing 2011, one with strong resolutions, good will, smiles, laughter, and music. Let’s make this one rock.


Katherine Gilraine