Addendum: More on Giffords

More and more is surfacing in the wide world of blogosphere, and man, it looks like my blood pressure will stay elevated. There’s no way I’m letting this rest.

The shooter’s Youtube channel. He’s basically anti-government and religious, and already the media is asserting that he acted alone, and is not mentally stable.

Stop this shit immediately. First of all, watching him repeat Ron Paul’s rhetoric, there’s no way at all that you would have me believe that this is not political motivation. Whipping people up into a frenzy has consequences, and that is exactly what Rep. Giffords said when she learned about the crosshairs map. He was whipped up into this action, and the people that whipped him up are still going to do the whipping up after this, all the while decrying the very violence they promote. That’s one.

Secondly, don’t expect me to think he’s not mentally stable. This is a direct insult to the people who genuinely are not mentally stable, and who maintain enough logic and coherency to not pick up a gun. He knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing. He laid an online trail with his views. He was very, very much sane.

Thirdly, I have a major, major bone to pick with John Boehner right now. He acknowledged the shooting, but he failed to acknowledge the obvious facts:

– Giffords was shot because she is a Democrat

– Giffords was shot because she is a female Democrat

Giffords was shot because she voted on a controversial issue and in favor of it.

And atop that, there are words that Democratic politicians need to “be more careful” in light of the continuous slew of death threats that they receive every day.

Few things ever infuriate me as much as victim-blaming, and this is what it is. It’s another, overt, subtle way of saying that somehow, whether by being a Democrat, by staying close to her beliefs in her votes, or even by being female, Rep. Giffords somehow is at fault for her shooting. How, exactly, can she or anyone else be more careful? The implied answer is to not be a Democrat. The sheer idea that the victim is in any way at fault for what happens to them is despicable, deplorable, and an inhuman outrage.

And the aforementioned crosshairs map? Looks like Sarah Palin had gone through her Facebook and had sanitized it for that image, deleting it everywhere she could. Why? Because she knows that it’s a contributing factor. An innocent party doesn’t hide evidence. She wanted to claim that she had nothing to do with this? Fine. However, the Internet is a very well-archiving place. That image is still very much alive.

Oh, and of course, there’s this. I think I have a BP spike going on right now.

Inflammatory remarks have suddenly taken on a new meaning and I most certainly don’t like it.

It feels that, living in a liberal environment, I am watching this from the outside in. And then I remember that Obama had received similar threats upon getting elected into office. And undoubtedly still does. This makes me shudder with fear for the Democratic politicians. I cannot imagine what is running through their minds, and the minds of their security staff right now.