To conclude the past 72 hours of political talk here…

Shakesville says it best. And may I say it…THIS SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING.

For all the people that claim that the left is just as bad as the right – I’ve yet to find anyone on the left who is as illogical as Rush Limbaugh, as zealous as Bill O’Reilly, who once said that progressive bloggers should be dealt with via a hand grenade, or as misogynistic as Pat Robertson, who once said that the “feminist agenda encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, and become lesbians.”

The left doesn’t have people who call for violence on such a regular basis. The left doesn’t have people who whip others up into a frenzy, with the inevitable result that someone will take things too far. For all the ‘fighting words’ on the left side of the political fence, by no means does the left have anyone who can or will match the vitriolic hatred spewed regularly by the right.

In fact, the left has attempted to work with the right despite the vitriol, to the degree where it illustrated the saying that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results.

Don’t even begin to tell me how the liberals, the progressives, and the people who are calling out the contributing factors to the shooting are just as bad. None of them would even need to speak out about this if it didn’t get to the point that it got to. No one would call out the rhetoric as violent if it wasn’t truly violent, and eliminationist at its core. Ann Coulter said, when she co-hosted The View, that liberals need to be physically intimidated by execution. Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson routinely spew vitriol about feminists and liberals, and then they act innocent when a women’s health clinic gets bombed.

I will not deny that the left has its own rhetoric, but never, ever is it on the same scale as the shit that comes from the right, which contributed to the Arizona shooting. Don’t deny contributing factors from coming into play. This country’s due process doesn’t disregard it on a smaller scale; just because the platform is bigger, due process doesn’t change.

Enough is enough. Seriously. Words have weight, and the stronger they are, the more weight they have. This is already a supercharged atmosphere politically – why in the blue everloving fuck would you add any more tension?



One thought on “To conclude the past 72 hours of political talk here…

  1. those on the right who incite violence do so, because they think that their viewpoints are the only one that matter to the voters, and will go to any length to make sure their viewpoint is the only one heard. it’s a shame that they could not discuss things like adults. yes, both sides have their own rhetoric, but the right is overly aggressive, saying that they are the only ones who can lead this country in the right direction. however, look what 8 years of Bush did to us, need i say more?

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