So, the FDA is rolling out an anti-obesity drug. Which got denied, but the mere proposal of it made my blood boil.

Take a close look at the article and note the ingredients: phentermine and topiramate. Now, I know phentermine is an effective weight-loss drug, but combining it with what’s basically Topamax is a very fucking bad idea.

Per drugs.com, topiramate is a seizure medication, which is sometimes used to treat migraines in adults. The reason that it makes for a great addition here is because it’s an appetite suppressant. While that’s so, it doesn’t take away the fact that this will, invariably, be altering the way that a person’s brain functions.

Also, who remembers the Fen-Phen lawsuits? And that the drug was known to cause pulmonary hypertension? Phentermine is a stimulant and appetite suppressant as well, already marketed as an anti-obesity drug, and it’s an ingredient in this mix as well. It’s also of a composition similar to amphetamine. In fact, it’s a controlled Schedule IV Substance.

Now, think about it. I’m not a pharmacist, but I do have this thing called logic. So, in this exercise, we’re taking a drug that is commonly used to treat migraines and seizures, which by reason of logic, will temporarily alter the way that the brain functions, and using it in order to tank appetite. We’re then adding an amphetamine-style stimulant.

Does anyone else see a recipe for disaster?

I certainly do. If Fen-Phen caused abnormal valve findings in addition to pulmonary hypertension when combined with fenfluramine, I don’t see good things coming out of this combination. You already have something that alters brain function, temporarily (long enough to relieve a headache? Or control small seizures?), and then you’re adding an amph-style drug into the mix. Bad? YES.

Amazing. To risk people’s lives because of a perceived epidemic which isn’t an epidemic at all. Lovely. How long before the lawsuits for this one begin?

To quote the illustrious folks at Merriam-Webster:

Definition of EPIDEMIC

1: affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time <typhoid was epidemic>
a : excessively prevalent
b : contagious <epidemic laughter>
3: characterized by very widespread growth or extent : of, relating to, or constituting an epidemic <the practice had reached epidemic proportions>
I won’t deny that it has been more noticeable than before – fact is, there are people of all sizes everywhere, and have been for ages – obesity is not contagious, for fuck’s sake. Last time I checked, you don’t catch fat. Also, all considered, fat is hardly an indication of ill health, on the account that a big person is just as likely to eat well and exercise as their skinnier counterpart. All fat is not created equal, and this idea that it’s some unbelievably scary, run-for-your-life horrible thing is absolutely ludicrous. You won’t get fat just because you’re standing next to someone who is. But if they have the rabid flu that’s been going around lately, well…better stock up on that NyQuil, poindexter.
Also, there’s this minor factor that fast food is and always has been cheaper than healthier food, but now’s hardly the time to meander onto that subject. Done it before.

2 thoughts on “*headdesk*

  1. Topamax is a dangerous one to fiddle with.
    Topamax is known in the epilepsy patient field as DOPEAMAX. The reason for that name is because a general, common side effect is turning someone into a breathing rock.
    The side effect makes you STUPID. Literally. A friend took it. I told her 3 tasks. Catbox, Clean sink, Shower. She got to the kitchen and stood there. Just stood. I said Catbox. She started moving, but very slowly. Not firing on all cylinders at all. NOPE.
    Phentermine can also cause major, rapid mood swings. BTDT. I took one pill, and went from happy to crying to screaming to panic to crying to Yay…all over the place. Within Minutes. The mood swings were crazy. Not Yay and next hour Boo…it was YAYBOOWAAASNIFFCRY. Took about an hour to come off that drug, and I had lost 2# that day…and any other medication I was taking had been burned off.

    I dont think this is a good idea.

    1. I had no idea of that brand of side effects. This makes me doubly glad that the FDA put their foot down on this one.

      I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that a pharmaceutical company would want to put a combination like this on the market, or the premise behind it. Oh, no, it doesn’t matter if someone becomes either catatonic or has mood swings from hell, what’s more dangerous is if they’re fat!

      Even typing that in a sarcastic sense makes me angry. Phentermine has potentially lethal side effects, but that isn’t even considered, as long as the fat person isn’t fat anymore. The fact that people think that – quite a lot of them in the medical and pharmaceutical worlds – is a rather frightening thing indeed.

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