Inspired by Lory…

I tip my hat to her Fan Highlights post for inspiration.

Looking back at 2010, really…it’s strange. I look back and I realize that a lot has happened. A lot more than I thought! And the highlights of my year (most of which I chronicled, really…) were:

– Working on the CD design work. Definitely my first long-term project experience, and a definite start to what is now my independent business. I was just helping out at first, and then one conversation led to another, which led to “okay, let me try the layout”, which in turn led to, “hey, I am good at this!” It was a frenetic month of lost sleep, but an experience of a lifetime.

– Berks 2010. I wanted to hit Berks for years, and finally had the chance. And, aside from this being my first Long Drive (I do not own a vehicle, and having my driver’s license was only to keep my permit from expiring!), this was the first time I’ve been in a festival like this. The auditoriums were packed to the gills. It was an excellent reunion/meetup for me; I’ve met so many great people at that festival…

– Dave Brubeck at the Blue Note. It’s a must-experience for every jazz fan. Really. There’s something very magical about seeing him play.

– CapJazz Supercruise 2010. This brought back a serious surge of nostalgia for the All Star/Smooth Music Cruise 2009, and it was also a great New Music opportunity. And a great way to see music, truthfully…with a heaping side dish of tropics!

– Meeting Rhonda and Rachel in NYC during Spirit season.

– Meeting Ken and Dave Koz in Atlantic City.

– Finally getting up the guts and making the decision to start K.G. Creative Enterprises. After the first point on this bullet list, it was inevitable. I had a lot of doubts about getting things together and not giving up one facet or another of my creativity. The business was important to me then, and considering the sort of work I’ve done so far, it’s been more than worthwhile, regardless of how much or how little I made. Money will follow, but I love what I do.

Now, what shall 2011 have for me? :)



2 thoughts on “Inspired by Lory…

    1. *hugs* right back atcha. :)

      It’s a LOT of seeds planted, more I think about it. January planted what happened in November. Berks in March planted…geez, half my clientele, I think! I think 2011 will see a lot of growth from those.

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