Why yes, I love prompts.

You know what I am finding out? I love random prompts a lot more than I thought.

There’s a lot to challenge, as I find out. If we take one on, it teaches us something about unexplored capabilities, odd character quirks, various talents hidden within ourselves that somehow surface when an appropriate task needs tackling. What these challenges are is another business.

For writers, this requires a little extra flex of what’s already flexible. While we may select a genre to stay in, there’s a certain draw to puzzling out the portrayal of one or another point within the plot. Prompts and challenges take a writer out of his/her comfort zone and challenges their capacity. The results are always unpredictable. Would you have an adventure/swashbuckle author write children’s books? Or what would happen if you take a romance writer and request a horror piece? It’s an extra stretch of the already flexible creative subconscious.

It definitely helps a writer to evolve, because the elements of the new style can, and usually do find their way into the Usual Style, so to speak. Lately, I’ve meandered towards one-shot memoir-style fiction, written longhand, and one of the prompts I received with AbsoluteWrite is horror. I’ve tried 2nd Person POV, which is a perspective I don’t generally write in at all. All of this now is worming its way into the percolation of The Index Series, and the plan on what to do with the series is starting to see new possibilites.

It’s refreshing, and at the same time frustrating, because indecision…well, you know how that goes!

In other news, in regards to the P.S.A. – seriously, Airborne rocks for immunity. But whatever it was that walloped me last weekend is now almost fully cleared out of my system. Whew. The timing could not have been closer. I’m still drinking a lot of tea, and medicating until I get into the habit of waking up without coughing again, but all is growing well.

Until next time…