Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Not 24 hours past since I put up my last post regarding the abrupt cancellation of the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards, and already the wheels have been set into motion. Before Tuesday elapsed, Ken Levinson, Bruce Nazarian, the artists, the people at Anthology, the people at Spaghettini’s, and everyone else who was left in the lurch by this turn of events had pulled together and engineered what has become known now as the Lemonade Weekend.

This astounds me, in the very best of ways. This is exactly why I call jazz “Our Music” when I’m with fellow fans. We took a failed, poorly-marketed event, and turned it into a makeshift festival. I’m not sure who will be part of this makeshift festival, but there is much to be said for the tenacity, gumption, and love that we have for the artists.

We, the fans, made this happen.

Unfortunately, due to the prior cold having degenerated into bronchitis, and the original turn of events, I’ve decided to forgo this trip in favor of Newport Beach Jazz Festival, and parlay the airline credit either into that or into visiting some close friends later this summer.

Three cheers to Ken, Bruce, the artists, and the fans who had taken a wrecked event and turned into something all its own. All my love to you from NYC!


ETA More info here at this link.


5 thoughts on “Turning Lemons into Lemonade

  1. I have to take my hat off to Bruce Nazarian as he has worked non-stop for over 2 days to put this entire show this Saturday at Anthology together! Bruce has really turned this entire weekend around for a lot of musicians and also a lot of people. Bruce’s “never give up” attitude is the main reason why people will have a GREAT show to see on Saturday! I would also like to thank Ken Levinson for spreading the word to his Facebook page members about what Bruce Nazarian and the musicians have done here. I, first hand, really appreciate it. Hope to see you all in San Diego at Anthology Saturday March 12 from noon until they “kick us out”! :-)

    1. Jaared!! Welcome!
      It has been the most madcap, out-of-this-world 24 hours. Bruce, Ken, the folks at Anthology and Spaghettini’s have gone above and beyond. This is why I love this music, and artists, and the fans. We’re one hell of a family.

      Enjoy the show! I hope to meet you when you come by NYC…unfortunately, this damn bronchitis is keeping me homebound.

    1. Possibly! But I’d think that the next Lemonade Weekend would be a bit less a-scramble… I’d certainly like it to repeat. This is definitely a team effort.

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