AW March Blog Chain

Apologies to my fellow bloggers from AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler forums for this. I was technically supposed to have written this much earlier, but as you can understand, things got in the way.

The challenge is, like before, a two-fold.

Part one: Describe the character in your novel in 50 words or less.

Part two: Post a scene that shows why this character is special in in 100 words or less.

I don’t much like to feature the main character from my book, because the main character is on par with and as important as her supporting cast. And the characters in the supporting case are pretty damn cool too.

So, let me feature one of my lesser-featured, but really curious people: Charlotte Stevens.

Part One

The proper word for her is resourceful. The other two are fiercely protective. And nothing’s more important to her than survival. She had to fight for it before.

Part Two

(From Book 3)

She stared at the com-link device that was rigged to her cell. To use an intergalactic scrambler on a PDA that technically wasn’t supposed to be used for any calls not related to her underground job was life-threatening if anyone managed to decode the scrambler. Not just for her – for her intended target.

She slipped out of the lavatory and tapped a flight attendant on the shoulder.

“My cell phone isn’t working,” she said, lowering her eyes in a perfect mask of sheepishness. “Might I borrow yours?”



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