And so, the fun begins

In the dead heat of tax season, I got a message from the one, the only, Bruce Nazarian. And the email answered the question that I had percolating for a while, a question echoed by many people  who attended the first Lemonade Weekend in San Diego, CA.

The question was simple, and flowed thusly: “Can we do this again?”

And the answer is a resounding hell yeah!

It gives me great honor to announce that K.G. Creative Enterprises will be involved in helping to make this event happen. Please follow me on twitter @kgilraine, or search the #LemonadeWeekend hashtag for updates as they happen. The first Lemonade Weekend rocked out and made wonderful things happen, and I have no doubt in my mind that the next one will be all the more delicious.

And now, I direct thee to the beginnings of the Lemonade Weekend Blog, wherein I will contribute. Put it on your RSS feeds, and check back often! I will cross-post some of the updates and interviews here, so worry not.

Needless to say…come and join us the next time!