Hey, what’s this I hear?

Could it be the lapping of waves and the chatter of people as they gather at Pier 61 to board a certain very happy, very particular ship in New York’s Chelsea Piers? With a selection of David Benoit, Marion Meadows, Paul Taylor, et al being piped through the PA system in welcome?

Oh yes, yes it is! The lineup for the Spirit Cruises is officially announced!

Now, let’s see here, what’s on my magnificent musical menu?

– Bobby Caldwell. Andrew Neu stole the show at BB King’s and my love of good instrumental wants to see if he’ll do it again.

– Spyro Gyra. Two words: yes please!

– Jazz Attack. Two more words: Bring it!

– The Rippingtons. I received Jeff Kashiwa’s Walk a Mile disc and always, always enjoy his material.

– Najee. Possibly, but really, past two years, I’ve missed him aboard these ships. This time, not missing him.

– Kirk Whalum and Jeff Golub. Memphis soul and ripping blues. Really, is this even a question?

– Norman Brown & Richard Elliot. Ahh, Norman. I’ve not seen him since the All Star Cruise, and part of me is wondering if he’d remember the snarky laptop.

– Pieces of a Dream. I would love to see those guys again, because the youngin they put on the horns is badass.

Yes, ’tis the season to get into the spirit – Spirit Cruises! With the lovely Candy Dulfer as the kickoff special, this is an excellent season! Some of the people that I expected to be aboard, such as Mindi Abair and Marion Meadows, are not aboard, and are giving way to those whom NY hadn’t seen live since the CD 101.9. I don’t remember Norman Brown passing through NYC in the past three years at all. Rachelle Ferrell is new to me, and I will confess myself curious to hear what she is about, considering that she is in the lineup for CapJazz 2011. I’m definitely thinking about seeing Jonathan Butler again as well…

Man oh man, I’m about to do it to myself again, aren’t I? That little conundrum where I find myself sleep-deprived and wired because I’m chasing music all over the place… Oh yes, I feel it already.

Honestly, though, Jazz Attack I’m looking forward to, in a huge way. I don’t see Gerald Albright very often, and of all the saxmen out there, his is one of the more spirited styles. Pushing the Envelope did exactly that to everyone who thought they knew how he plays.

Here we go, ladies and gents, the next season of musical meandering is upon us!



2 thoughts on “Hey, what’s this I hear?

  1. oh ya! the Rippingtons ::drools:: i still have yet to hear their new CD, and am waiting to see them live in concert. i know, i missed last year’s cruise, after i valiantly fought off everyone for the tickets, and then a run of bad luck: a car accident that left us without wheels for nearly a month! BRING IT!!

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