I look at today’s date – it’s past midnight here now – and I see it as April 23rd. It takes me a few minutes to realize it, still, but I smile nonetheless. Tax season is over, and thusly, Day Job slows down and makes some room for the real me: the writer, the music aficionado, the friend, the adventuress.

And that’s the way – uh-huh, uh-huh – I like it!


So, now that I have gone to the Watchfire Music exhibit last night, and out to New Jersey and a nature park today, what is on this menu of mine? Good news, says I, because AbsoluteWrite’s blog chains are getting interesting, and I think that it’s high time I feature a character that I’ve introduced in Book 3 in a lot more depth. So, what happens when the prompt is for the character to interview the author? Hilarity, of course, ensues.

Major thanks to the lovely Gayle for editing Book 3, and I am updating the About the Books page to match the following announcement:

The Index, Book 3: Lineage will be released by July 4th.

I’m giving myself a good bit of time for the editing/rewriting phase, and for Gayle – whose schedule is quite busy with grad school – to get back to me and whip the storyline and the conventions into shape.

And, another announcement: the cover to Book 3 will be a collaboration between Jenna and a guest artist. This is a first on many levels: this is a first time I’m having a wraparound cover rather than just a front, and this is a first time that this particular guest artist is showcasing his art on a book cover. You will discover the identity of the guest in an official capacity…no earlier than the book’s release. The artist’s name is mentioned on the acknowledgment page immediately upon opening the book, and the contribution is credited in an official capacity.

Yes, I’m a bitch like that. :)

Now, musically speaking? Things are falling into place for this year in full, which is lovely. Today, when I got back from NJ, I got a lovely surprise in the form of an envelope…from Newport Beach Jazz Festival. Finally!!! After waiting, stressing, anxiety, what-have-thee, it’s official: I am spending my birthday in sunny California, surrounded by friends and music, like I swore I would when I first got into this hobby of music-chasing.

Of course, we got Spirit here in NY too. And I’m visiting a close friend in the South this summer as well. And yes…oh yes…CapJazz 2011. The cruise. Maybe the fest too? Possibly?

Well, I shall certainly like to think so!

Of course, much more is stirring in the Lemonade pot as well, and Bruce Nazarian is pulling off his event-making magic yet again in 2012. I do not know the details yet, but my Twitter account is @kgilraine and the #LemonadeWeekend hashtag is getting hit as more and more surfaces. Of course, check out the Lemonade Weekend Blog as well.

There are possibilities, there are destinations yet on my list, and I cannot wait to get there. And, naturally, write all about it.

Now that the time is here, the adventure awaits!

Writerly yours,