AW April Blog Chain: Character Interview!

With a twist.

This month’s prompt: The Character Interview

As with last month, this will be two parts. Part one is optional: describe one of your characters in 50 words or less. Part two is where things get fun: have that character interview you! Using whatever format you like (Q&A, prose), make a little interview with your character as the interviewer and yourself as the subject. There’s no word limit, but do try and keep it under 1k for your fellow chain members’ sanity.

Now, this is interesting. Considering that for the past five years, I’ve been evolving my cast, I acquired more than a fair bit or two of characters that stand out. I am sure that I can do more than one such interview…but let’s see who jumps out, shall we?

The character du jour is…


Part 1.

She’s the unspoken-of mother of Arriella. Haughty, ambitious, domineering, and the quintessential “sore loser” – and she still kicks herself for losing the title of Empress by divorcing her husband. Well, actions have consequences, of course…but someone tell her that.

Part 2.

What are you wearing?”

I lift an eyebrow at the woman in front of me. “I ought to be asking you the same thing. Center of attention much?”

When I agreed to this interview, I pushed for a discreet, anonymous circumstance, both for her own good and mine, I think, and it takes me every urge to not clap my hand to my forehead.

For the record, I’m dressed as I ordinarily dress when meeting someone for lunch in Penn Station: sweats. In my beaten-to-hell Shape-ups, yoga pants, and curve-hugging T-shirt, there’s nothing about me that would stand out. I’m just another New Yorker, wanting to have a cheap burrito from Moe’s Southwestern Grill, or something, before catching a train.

My companion, Lady Morrhia, on the other hand, is another business altogether. Contrary to any and all stipulation, she’s dressed in a rich gown of red brocade threaded with gold, a cape of black over her shoulders. Two men in uniform stand guard behind her, and people are giving her furtive glances and giggles. I catch a few exclamations of “Wow” from tourists as they take in the outfit. She looks as though she stepped straight out of the Renaissance period, but I know my writing, and she’s dressing the part of the Empress.

Way to send me a message on what to write in the ending chapters of Book 3, eh? I think.

I make a motion to the men to hustle her into this little place called Kabooz. I know this place well. Great ribs, great martinis. And no one gives a damn what you’re wearing, not after I tip ’em plenty.

“Morrhia, I don’t know what you were thinking when you agreed on this meeting place, but you don’t dress like this to an interview in a train station.”

She gives me an annoyed look. “Whatever. Can I start now?”

“Yes,” I say and motion to the waitress who knows me to bring me two French martinis. Not cheap, but my companion will be pleased. She appreciates the finer things in life, and nods her approval.

“When are you going to restore me to the throne?” she asks.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” I grumble.

“Not in my nature, Katherine,” Morrhia’s eyes are harsh. “I want my titles back. I deserve my titles back. ”

“You’ll have to first learn to think before you act,” I counter sharply. “You left Rhyssius and took one infant, stranding him with the other. I don’t think you ever wanted those girls, did you?”

“I’m the one asking questions here.”

I grin shamelessly as the drinks arrive. “I’m the one who wrote you. You ask the wrong questions, and I’ll be sure to edit this manuscript a little differently.”

Morrhia sniffed and picked up her glass delicately, by the stem. “Touche, then. Shall we?”

“Cheers,” I say dryly and clink glasses with her.

“So what plans do you have for Kata getting out of the mess that she is in now?” she asks, almost casually, as she eyes the manuscript for Book 3 under my arm.

“You’ll find that you raised a very resourceful daughter,” I measure my words carefully. “She will be fine, but I can’t guarantee much for your reputation.”

Instantly, she is suspicious. “Meaning what, exactly?”

“You’re really blind to your consequences, aren’t you?” I chuckle, and watch her eyebrow darken. “Think before you act, Lady Morrhia. You would’ve likely ended up as Empress again if you would have only kept your ambition and foolhardiness to yourself. But, of course, you act and think after the fact, don’t you?”

She takes another, calculated sip of her drink and I find myself suddenly on alert. She’s one to ask questions, and she lives only to serve her final purpose, and if it’s the throne she wants, then she will make every case in the world to have it back, if only to have me write it in for her. What I say is her reality. I don’t yet know what to do with her, but I know one thing: her superiors in the Guard were right. The woman was a loose cannon.  That part of her personal history I got right.

“You have one more question, Morrhia,” I remind her.

“Just tell me this, Katherine,” she asks, her voice a sleek purr. “What do I do with the money that Rhyssius allocates me in your upcoming release?”

I match her smile and tone. “Only I get to find that out,” I say and drain my martini glass. “Care for another?”

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17 thoughts on “AW April Blog Chain: Character Interview!

    1. Thanks! She’s a handful, to be sure… And yeah, I’m having some trouble with the ending to Book 3!

  1. I love the image you conjure up: fantasy or historical royalty resplendent in the real world and completely unconcerned at the disconnect. Maybe that’s your ending right there!

    1. Eh, unfortunately not. Morrhia’s about to get a hard dose of reality, on the account that her ex-husband isn’t anywhere near as much of an addle-pated lout as she thinks him to be.

      It would serve her right to leave her on Earth though… :)

  2. beaten-to-hell Shape-ups, yoga pants, and curve-hugging T-shirt <– that's what I'd wear! LOL And I love Moe's. :) The contrast between the two of you is awesome :)

    1. Thanks! I’m not that thrilled with Moe’s truthfully. Their guacamole’s not that good…

  3. Ooo… I don’t trust her one bit. She always ‘playing’, every word is chosen carefully for desired effect. Glad I wasn’t getting interviewed by her.

    1. Oh, indeed she is. Ambition is dangerous in large doses, and Morrhia certainly qualifies!

  4. “I’m the one who wrote you. You ask the wrong questions, and I’ll be sure to edit this manuscript a little differently.”

    Gotta keep those characters in their place! Although it usually seems as if they’re the ones in control and I’m just their secretary, writing down whatever they say.

  5. Ooooooh, I’m officially intrigued. Tell me, is this Morrhia from the medieval period? She seems to have that overly-ambitious aristocratic air about her. I want to find out if she gets what she wants. You’ll have to let me know when this book is released.

    1. No, she’s actually not! Future, way future. But I did some heavy research on Renaissance politics when creating her, and politics within that country of that particular world are heavily reminiscent of the British royal history.

      Book 3 will be out…hopefully VERY soon, but its predecessors are available now!

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