What the blue eveloving hell is this?!

If I have to start the day off with a post in the pissed-off file category, you know what sort of day I may end up having.

Pres. Obama released his birth certificate, confirming himself as a native of Oahu, HI, and therefore an American citizen.

Do you have any idea how angry I am that it came to this point?

Let me make one little thing clear:

If Pres. Obama was white, and didn’t have the middle name that he was given, then I can promise you that demanding a birth certificate from a US Citizen, especially an American president, would be a travesty and a scandal. 

Another fun fact: if Mr. Obama wasn’t a US Citizen, I can promise that he would have never gotten out of Illinois, and I think that he would’ve been forced into resignation when he got to the Senate. And you would think that as the president of the country, he would never have to worry about something like this.

Except he was. From the beginning of his presidency.

I cannot believe that Americans can claim that they aren’t racist and in the same breath demand that the first black President elected furnish his birth certificate. What the fuck? Why weren’t the progressives who loathed Bush asking for his birth certificate? Or for his diplomas? What’s next, do we test Obama’s DNA to see how “closely related” he is to the Arabic roots?

What. The. Fuck. Again, if he were white, I don’t think this would’ve ever been an issue. But, because he’s black, and because he has the name that he has, and because he was elected against the conservative hoopla, this is happening.

I cannot imagine worse disrespect for a person. Let’s just remove the Presidency part of it for a minute. Barack Obama is an individual. He’s married, has two kids. He is an educated attorney, and his wife is as well. You wouldn’t think twice of him if he were just living the life of a well-to-do lawyer. Would you ask him for his birth certificate when you would retain him to defend you? Or to plan your estate? Or to close on your house?

Of course you wouldn’t. But, suddenly because he’s President, and because someone doesn’t like him, he suddenly has to prove himself as qualified?

You know what, why didn’t someone do this to Bush? He clearly wasn’t qualified to be President, and yet we had him for two terms. He turned a surplus into a deficit. He treated America as one of his shoddy start-up companies that he drove into the ground time and again. And yet, he is allowed to get away with it scot-free.

Instead, we’re taking someone who is effectively backed into a corner by the enormous clusterfuck that Bush created, while trying to clean up said clusterfuck, which isn’t working because he’s trying to play nice with the clusterfuck, and instead waste time, energy, and people’s efforts with the basic question of qualifications.What’s next – his diploma? His grade report from middle school? His college transcript? His bar exam score?

Where were all those questions when Bush was screwing up the budget?

Oh, of course. He was a Republican. You can’t possibly question the qualifications of a Republican, they’d get offended. You can’t possibly hurt their fee-fees by (rightly) pointing out they’re not qualified! For shame to think!

Guess what, Republicans. Your fee-fees end where someone else’s privacy begins. You may not acknowledge this, but the Constitution – which, dare I point out, you do not know well enough to uphold – does acknowledge a penumbral right to privacy in Amendments 1, 4, 9, and 14. Read them, and go to the dictionary to look up the word “penumbral” – and maybe then, maybe, we’ll talk.

I’m furious, if you can’t tell. I’m furious that a bunch of uneducated, religified, overzealous mouth-breathers actually succeeded in bullying an elected official to release his personal information. This is an extremely dangerous precedent to set, especially in light of the Arizona immigration claptrap not long ago.

President Obama, for your own good…stop playing nice with those people and voice the outrage that I know you must be feeling at this point. Reaching across the aisle is a waste of time and effort. Stop being nice and start being a President.



2 thoughts on “What the blue eveloving hell is this?!

  1. this whole birther issue just goes to show that racism is still alive and well in America. i’m just mortified that Trump has acted the way he’s acted. this whole issue would not even be an issue if Obama were white. let’s drop this whole issue, and move on with what we need to move on with in this country. it’s time for Obama to play some hardball with Trump

    1. Hardball? I don’t think so. I think it’s time that Obama stepped up and tore the birthers a new one, a la mode. No white president ever had to go through this, but the minute someone’s *GASP SHOCK* different, out comes the brigade. I don’t fucking think so. Enough is enough.

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