An open letter.

Yesterday was anger-inducing enough, but now that it’s just hit the national media platform, I need to simply say the following:
Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

Shut the fuck up and get the hell out of the media.

You didn’t do yourself any favors by browbeating the President into releasing his birth certificate. And now you’re going on and on about how you’re just so proud of yourself, and how the birth certificate needs to be tested for authenticity because it took Obama so long to actually produce it.

You have got to be joking.

What, exactly, are you proud of? Being a media whore? Because, truly, that’s what you just showed yourself to be.

You showed to the world that you’re an ignorant, racist, classist asshole who thinks nothing of the kind of a wrecking-ball precedent that you have set. Face it: you’re only doing this because Obama is not white, and has been dogfighting for his success, while you never had to have a hard day’s work in your life. And I also don’t think anyone ever questioned your origins or qualifications.

So let’s see them, Donald Trump. Release your grade reports. Your transcripts. Every F you ever got. Every book report that got questioned for plagiarism. Show the American people your pedigree, and the right that it gives you to question the birth of the President of the United States.

Because you know, it’s just me, but I bet that nowhere do you have that right.

You and your teabagger ilk have no right, and no authority to make demands of the President to show his “American-ness”. The fact that you succeeded in backing him into a corner doesn’t make you “winners”. You just made the world look at you and now the rest of the country has to work twice as hard to have the label of ignoramus taken off them.

Here’s a newsflash: you aren’t American either. Unless you trace your roots to the native tribes of this country, you have no right to call yourself more American than the President. None. Zero. And you know, I do not hear any of this “birther” crap from any of the reservations of this country. This is a country founded on immigration, and this is a country founded on people coming from somewhere else to these shores. Unless you are of a Native tribe, you have absolutely no right, no leg to stand on, in your claim that you’re somehow more American than your own President.

Here’s a little fact that you also disregard: wealth doesn’t trickle down. The rich don’t get rich by letting their wealth “trickle” anywhere. You’ve been all taken for fools by the upper 1%. Did your bank accounts increase under trickle-down economics? Because I don’t think they did, and the last time I checked, Clinton wasn’t exactly a believer in trickle-down. Which is why we had a surplus while he was in office.

And now, the crux of the entire “birther” matter, now that we successfully proved that our president is a president indeed:

You, the Republican/Teabagger/Birther party, are racists who never got over the glory days of the 1950s, and who never got over the fact that nonwhites and women now have the same rights as you do. You see the fact that you have a black president as an insult to your self-inflated superiority, and still believe that having white skin, gray hair, and a bank account makes you somehow superior to the rest of us.

Yes, that’s right, I said it. You’re racists. You too, Trump. The entire country sees it now, if you’re so proud of yourself for effectively bullying the President into compliance. Had Obama been white, this would have never been a question. And this entire claptrap about how it took two years for him to produce it, therefore it needs to be “tested”? Since when it is that the country’s elected official has to produce it?! Since when it is that the authenticity of an individual is questioned? This should have never been allowed to go that far, and frankly, Obama has the patience of a saint for tolerating it for this long. His birth certificate should have been in a safe deposit box, like everyone else’s, not in the White House.

I am utterly disgusted by this incident. I truly am.



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  1. I’m disgusted by Donald Trump’s antics, and it’s high time we go to our congressmen and women, and seek out a Cease and Desist order against him. I’m going to speak to my congressional rep next week, see what can happen

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