Letters to my Muse

Dear Muse,

Wow-wa. You were not kidding in 2008, when you made me grind out Book 3 at NaNoWriMo almost in full. You were so not kidding. Eighteen chapters plus an epilogue? And that’s without the subplot that will continue to pilot the second arc?

Holy jumping Jesus on a pretzel with toast,  Muse. You’re aiming to make my caffeine tolerance go a little past the usual Olympic-caliber and right into Guinness Book. I will need to mainline espresso to finish this…




This, my dear readers, were my exact thoughts this past afternoon, when I realized that instead of 4 more chapters, as I thought it, I was looking to actually edit eight. Nine, if you count the epilogue, which I am thinking of cutting out, but I have yet to see what happens. But I stand surprised. I’ve not actually read the book for a while, and it was surprising and interesting to see just how much story I’ve packed into this.

The even more interesting part to this is that there’s a lot more story to Book 3. And the bits of story that I’m peppering in right now will be setting the stage for the entirety of the second arc.

So, my current writing challenge is to myself: keep the storyline as consistent as I possibly can. We have all seen what happens when it doesn’t flow, and what happens when the canon is broken within a concise storyline. As it is, my storyline, while in need of refining, is set. Now, to keep it that way – that will be curious indeed.

But, as I said it in Book 1 and say in life… nothing ventured, nothing gained.