Notes to Self for Future Traveling:

– If taking Delta, hit JFK. 

– Also if taking Delta, have breakfast beforehand. 

This is brought to you by the unpleasant discovery that not only is the Delta terminal at LaGuardia is woefully nothing like the one for American Airlines. The food sucks. In the AA terminal, I’m fed for under $10, and trust me, there are few breakfasts worth $20 that don’t include a side of Will Donato on the sax. 

But the flight…heavenly. Doubly so considering that the inflight Internet is a first for me, and a lovely one. This way I can safely work on the book, stay connected to my people, and tool around on the MiniBeast. 

Where have I been? Delta rocks!

MiniBeast needs some tinkering, though… But no worries. Nothing I can’t handle from 30,000 feet aboveground. :)

Leg #1 of my journey, New York City – Minneapolis is about to finish up. I have an hour and change for a meal, and a charge-up. And since planes make me zonk, I’m not worried one bit about the late-night. :)

Travelingly yours,