In Birthday Musings

Yes, today is my birthday. I’m 26. Yes, I’m a youngin. Some of you knew this, others don’t, but now I own up to it. :)

I woke up to a metric ton of birthday greetings, and thanks to all of you.

And yes, I’m perfectly aware it’s Friday the 13th, and lest you think I’m ill-at-ease with it? I’m not. I have nothing but great times on a Friday the 13th, and doubly so on my birthday, should it fall on that day.

You know, every birthday, I tend to start reminiscing about what I did for the last one, and how the year went. I live by a general rule that the way you start a year is the way you end it, and this applies to both the January 1st and birthday benchmarks. And I find, year after year, that I’m right.

Last year’s birthday was spent at my bar, with the bartender whom I won’t trade for anything. Howard is someone I steadfastly consider a friend, and regardless of how much time passes between seeing him, I know I have a smile and a good conversation waiting for me whenever it is that I will be there again. Since that evening, the year went madcap and brought with it a fair few endeavors. In the aftermath of working on Without You, I finally decided to add graphic design to my repertoire of consulting services in an official capacity. And just two weeks ago, I opened KG Creative Enterprises full-scale.

So this year, in following the rule of living by it, I made the decision to traipse out to Newport Beach Jazz Fest, which nearly always either starts or comes within a few days of my birthday. For years, I kept saying to my music people, “I will celebrate my birthday in Newport Beach!” Well – I’m a woman of my words, and in about 11 hours of waiting and traveling, I’m to do exactly that.

Man oh man, I cannot wait. Why? Because this year also, I have made some amazing friends, who know who they are, and who are also heading there. So this meetup, at least a half a year in the making, is much looked forward to, at least on this end.

So here I am, at LaGuardia Airport. The bag’s checked in, the coffee’s right next to me, and I’m indulging myself in a bit of airport Internet before I get through security and board the jet that’s taking me across the country.

And if the way I start a year is the way I’ll end it, then I am sure that before I hit my next birthday, I would have had a travel-filled, music-filled, smiling, busy year with a collection of new adventures to share.

Here’s to a bountiful and lucky Friday the 13th!