AW May Blog Chain: Relationships

Per the prompt:

Show a character’s approach to relationships in a short scene. A harmless exchange between mother and daughter? A submissive character overwhelmed by a dominant partner? A passionate lover’s quarrel? A forlorn, unrequited letter?

Use your characters’ interaction to show the dynamics of their relationship, show how they’re growing together or growing apart, or just have silly fun. Character descriptions at the beginning are forbidden this time around–let them speak or act for themselves!

We all know it: Relationships are the most difficult maze to navigate. We know it too well. Romantic relationships, especially. In today’s age, where over half of marriages end in divorce, the dynamics, and the questions of how well do you know this person? all come into play. How well do you know, or don’t know, the person whom you’ve chosen for yourself?

Or, better question…how do you know when the spark is past?

I introduce you to Arriella and Shourron II. Mages both, powerful fighters, powerful personalities. Shourron II is resourceful, calm, and takes whatever action is needed. Arriella, his one-time protegee, tries her best to do right and protect those around her, even at great personal risk. Together for five centuries, you’d think all is well between them, right? They had a bonding ceremony, one step below a marriage. You’d think they’re a solid power couple, right?

Take a look at this little thing out of Book 3.Cut for length.


“Every mission you go on, I think I’ll never see you again. And I’m not so sure we’ll manage living like this.”

            She had told him that when they were about a hundred years old, fairly new to the fieldwork and restoration efforts and had no idea what to expect, she didn’t think that the work would get between them to the extent that it had already. The first few missions that they took apart were daunting as well as mentally trying, but as a guard in his service, Arriella had comparably less to do, and as such, she devoted a lot of attention to the minute details that came up in her service. Shourron, on the other hand, was swamped on a constant basis. In fact, he still was; he had a new directive to follow on nearly every day and was expecting a long-term mission at a moment’s notice.

He hated the idea at first, but got used to the separation in a short hurry. For as long as he and Arriella were in a relationship, especially after the truth about his father finally came out, he swore to stay as close to her as he could between work. Already they had more than enough separations; when they were bonded, he thought it was a miracle – though such a concept was not considered among non-humans very often – that she said yes.

In the past, it had always been difficult maintaining relationships even with friends. Work always got in the way.

And, of course, there was the part that he was the ex-High Mage’s son. Back then, the Mages were scarce in their numbers to the extent that the only reason that people curbed their loathing of him was because he was a Mage. Therefore, he was needed, but had the Mages been alive in far greater numbers and known as such, there was no guarantee that he would have been greeted as he was then.

Of the people around him who saw past his name, Arriella was the constant. He treasured that about her; her capacity to see past the obvious and the willingness to stand by it. So many otherwise great friendships fell apart because of his association to his father. Arriella had stayed, and it became obvious that she was in it for the long haul.

He couldn’t fathom what she was going through now, what with her sister missing. Ever since she walked out of the meeting room with her father, Morrhia, and Rena, she had avoided him, and it was not for lack of trying on his part. She didn’t return letters, and called only to let him know when she and Makkian arrived safely. While they went through enough together to know what each other was thinking without the need to use their capacities for such – and more to, it was against all moral clauses to pry into someone’s mind needlessly – he couldn’t wrap his mind around Arriella’s feelings this time, from one twin to another. He always had his brother, had always known whether or not Makkian was ever in trouble and could not begin to wrap his head around what it would be like to not know that or not know that Makkian even existed for all of his life.

His computer screen came out of idling and Shourron cringed as the light from the screen hit his eyes. It was a mission description, one that he  expected – to step in on Mikarra and work alongside Kiranu and Muraio in their older brother’s absence.

Could be worse, he thought as he checked out the mission parameters. The middle Metro sector’s experiencing random breakdowns of the transit system, at least on ground levels…foul play, maybe?

The bond at his wrist pulsed again, this time a subconscious twitch that spoke clearly of anxiety, unfilled expectations, and a need for base comfort; far as he could tell, she couldn’t sleep because of her sister. He barely paid attention to it as he printed out the mission statement.

Work came first. He was going to focus on the work in front of him, however minute, first and foremost. It was not a habit that he could shake and, truth be told, did not want to.

You can handle it, he sent back into the link and shifted  his full focus on the progress of Mikarra Metro.


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18 thoughts on “AW May Blog Chain: Relationships

  1. There isn’t much actual interaction here. At the end, we start to get to what I would expect to be a big blow-up between the two, and I’d like to see that, but it ends instead. It’d be interesting to see how someone with five centuries of living would argue.
    I really like the concept of a secret cult of ancient mages protecting the modern Earth. I’d read more about that, especially with the amount of history you’ve developed, as evidenced by this piece.

    1. I was more aiming to set the background for a shift between the two. As I stated in the intro, they’re very close, but the behind-the-scenes part of things is never as obvious. They can argue…or simply not realize that all along, their relationship had not been as steady as they thought.

    1. That’s actually the idea. The relationship unravels quietly, and very much because of the attitude Shou is showing here. The minute Arri dropped from his priority list…that was it.

  2. I liked the concept of this right away – mages protecting modern day earth – and your lead in was written beautifully. I picked up Shou’s tone tone right away. I would have like to have seen more interaction but I understand this is a snippet. I would like to read more to see how it all comes together (or falls apart)

    1. Thanks! This is from Book 3, which I hope to release sooner rather than later.

  3. I definitely get the sense that he places work above all else, at least at this moment. He’s either going to have to shift his perspective and priorities or this relationship is going to fall apart.

    1. A-yup. And he’s been like this for a good long while. It’s just that Arriella wasn’t.

  4. ” … And I’m not so sure we’ll manage living like this.” Shourron, if you want to hang onto Ariella, you need to listen to her when she says things like this. She doesn’t sound content.

    And what’s this? “For as long as he and Arriella were in a relationship, especially after the truth about his father finally came out, he swore to stay as close to her as he could between work.” He’s definitely putting his work first, and that sometimes needs to happen, but in moderation!

    (what’s the truth about his father, anyway?)

  5. Interesting if a bit one sided. Felt medieval at first, until the computer showed up. Good stuff, but I think it needs a bit of cleaning up.

  6. Well he’s a workaholic if I’ve ever seen one! And he admits it! *shakes head* Not sure how long his “relationship” will last given the circumstances.

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