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H’okay, ladies and gents…time to do a quick little round-up as to what’s happening around me in the next while. You may read all about it at a later point here, but other things…well, we shall see.


This Thursday: Boney James in Austin, TX. I’ll write it up, but for the most part, I’ll be off the online radar. For one, I’m seeing a close friend. For two…too much to do! Seriously! I’m writing like a maniac, for many reasons. You will know more.

June 13th: Dave Brubeck at the Blue Note. Reasons obvious. How many people can say that they have seen a living legend?

July – August: Spirit Season – ’nuff said! You guys know exactly where to find me at 9:00 pm on Wednesdays…

August 26th: …I tried keeping it under wraps, and some of you may have gotten wind of it buuuut…this is the announcement. Boney James hits BB King’s in NYC.  This I cannot and will not miss.

Not Quite Confirmed:

– Earl Klugh at the Note

– Manhattan Transfer at the Note

– Gato Barbieri at BB King’s (oh please oh please oh please let me make this one…)

– A jazz fest in NJ – pending more information

– Giovanna Moretti – pending planning…

And, of course…Book 3. Chapter 14 is trying to eat me, but my characters finally made it into the subway tunnels. Now, the fun/creepy/adventurous part begins…

…and I just got an idea as to what else I can do to poor Jason… Those of you who know what else I did to Jay in this book can start cackling. :)

Adventuringly yours,