Whew. This has been a very nutty three days so far.

Here’s the skinny, in short form:

– Gayle has interviewed me. Yes, she’s also my editor. I’ll also interview her. That link is coming up.

– Jamie DeBree of the Variety Pages will post another chunk of Book 1 for your reading pleasure.

– I have revived my account on Goodreads! And, lo and behold, Books 1 and 2 have been on there for some time. Those links are added, and updated. Addendum: Shelfari page for Book 3 is also up.

– The About The Index Series page is updated also, with precise book-buying links. Previews included.

– The proof copy for Book 3 will arrive earlier than scheduled! I expect it tomorrow, in face.

– Same goes for the postcards. If you’re not a New Yorker, and you spot the ‘cards..well, I have minions everywhere! *evil cackle*


And so it begins…