Back to the Drawing Board…almost!

The proof for Book 3 had just arrived, and at first glance, it’s absolutely beautiful. Marion Meadows’s artwork on the cover was an ideal touch, and the general concept works.

Except the fact that it’s largely off-center. Whooooooops! It’s an easy adjustment, though, and the cover is back for re-proofing.

Meeting Jenna tonight, to check on ad imaging, and the original back-cover prototype. I could well be re-submitting the files with a brand-new back cover to boot…

One down, one to go!!!



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2 Responses to Back to the Drawing Board…almost!

  1. Darian says:

    Sounds like awesome news to me! Congrats on it all coming together!

    • Katherine Gilraine says:

      Thanks!!! Just a little more to go. I look forward to doing the advertising design for the series… I love graphic design.

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