On Jeff Golub and Marc Antoine

A couple of days ago, I got online, and received news that shocked me.

Clicky: Jeff Golub’s newsletter.

In short…while making his latest album, Jeff discovered that the sight in his right eye was getting problematic. Having gone to NY’s best ophtalmologists, he was diagnosed with a collapse of the optic nerve. He took it in stride, only to have his other eye go the same way. By this time, sight in both of his eyes is gone.

And then yesterday, I have logged into Facebook to find out that Marc Antoine was undergoing heart surgery.

It’s not often that I’m rendered speechless, but this double-whammy of news certainly did the trick. My memories of these two amazing guitarists are very clear; both of them are wonderful individuals, and kick-ass players. In fact, it was Marc Antoine whose music made me love jazz guitar. Jeff Golub’s shred-it-up blues is simply impossible not to get hooked on, quite frankly. But, above all, they are great individuals to get to know; I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff at Jammin’ in Jamaica, and he is a huge smile waiting to happen.

To receive this sort of news is a drastic shift in perspective, and it is a firm and sobering reminder to appreciate the most minute things. Having the knowledge that you’ll open your eyes and see, even if it means seeing an alarm clock first thing in the morning, is suddenly put into a whole new light. Same for getting up in the morning and going until whatever-o’clock without a second thought. It’s suddenly a little more than just “hey, it’s normal.”

I hadn’t known that Marc had a heart issue, but I do know that heart surgeries are still very risky procedures to undergo. The recovery period for these things is touch-and-go. I can only hope that Marc will be okay once he’s recovered, and is back home. Jeff’s eyesight, however…that hits close to home. Not just because Jeff is a fellow New Yorker, but simply because what happened to him – optic nerve collapse – is something completely unpredictable. There are no warning signs for this.  But if I know Jeff’s character, the huge infectious smile and the cannonball hugs…then he’s going to shred on that guitar anyway, regardless of whether or not he has his eyesight.

It’s a sobering reminder to remember the little things in life. Having eyesight, or a healthy heart, is something we take for granted.

Please, even if you’re reading this blog for the writing-related matters, extend some good thoughts to Jeff Golub and Marc Antoine. They have major adjustments ahead of them, and so do those around them. Send some love. It goes a long way.



6 thoughts on “On Jeff Golub and Marc Antoine

  1. Katherine, I can tell that you are very taken aback. Although I don’t really know you I am sorry to see this. As someone who was not supposed to survive childhood and who is now 54 years old, I learned a long time ago not to take anything for granted. Both Jeff and Marc will have a learning curve but the will learn and adapt. Their art has prepared them for that. They do need positive energy to help get them over the hump and on with their lives but they will find life on the other side of the fence.

    Take care Katherine, I am sending you TLC.


    1. Thank you for your words, Ardee-ann. You’re a trooper too, don’t you forget it.

      I have full confidence in the guys, even if I’m still reeling. I remember Jeff as the guy who ran into an interview panel in pajamas, having overslept, and he ran in with a HUGE smile and an “I’m here!!”. Marc is of a similar cloth; always smiling and making someone laugh. I am confident that they will get past the hurdle, and keep moving forward.

  2. I was petrified when finding Jeff’s newsletter on Lory Gardner’s blog and when learning what you share above. I cannot express how much I’m in awe over how he approaches this. And with Marc – while I was aware of that condition for a while – it’s similar. To keep the faith in light of uncertainty like this…. I commend them both on their spirit and resolve. And of course, I wish both a full and speedy recovery, inspite of the odds. They’re both setting a fine example there as human beings (their musicianship is unquestionable anyway).

    1. I saw it on Facebook, and for a while, I just sat still. It’s definitely a reminder to take the smallest possible things and appreciate them as well as the major milestones.

  3. I knew about Marc but just learned about Jeff. Both fantastic artists & wonderful people as well.

    They will be added to MY prayer list in the hope that they will have the strength and the patience during these trying times, and ultimately be restored to good health.

    1. Thanks, Amelia. I’m keeping the blog updated as I go along. So glad Marc is on the mend, and Jeff is keeping his spirits up like nothing I’ve seen before.

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