Chasing Music: Spirit Cruises – Bobby and Spyro

If you thought I wouldn’t be writing about these…come on! :)

Yes, it is that time once again! Except, unlike the past two years, I have opted to just attend the late shows instead. This way, I won’t have to scramble from work, or run like hell to the piers in evening rush hour, but take my time, go to the gym, get a dinner – pretty much, make it a night. And, without the slightest bit of hesitation, I will say, there is nothing like a New York concert cruise night.

Last week, it was Bobby Caldwell. This week, it’s the music mavens known as Spyro Gyra.

And, needless to say, both of them have brought it. Not for nothing, but Bobby knows how to turn back the clock and bring out some classic singing. From the Bobby Darin covers, to his originals, and a few well-placed cracks directed at the audience and his saxman alike, it’s a show that’s a step away from what you’d expect out of Spirit Cruises, and it’s a welcome little change.

And Spyro is about to do it again, with a new album that “rumor” (by the name of Scott Ambush and Jay Beckenstein) has to be coming out in September. The show was a mix of classics from earlier years, and various pieces from Down the Wire that showcases every member’s style.

I will say this, though. Schu’s Blues? Tom Schuman showed himself as a reincarnated Scott Joplin. That wasn’t blues, that was pure, undiluted rag. Which, might I add, I wholeheartedly adore.

I know, short writeup. But, as I leave you off, I leave you with my perennial favorite, my song as I like to refer to it… Well, you know it. :)