The Great Home Improvement Project…cont’d

Ever heard the saying, “Just when you think you have it made, take one step forward”?

Yeah. Fun stuff.

So the big bookcase is no more. After close to 12 years of being laden with 100lbs+ worth of books, I’ve removed the books, sorted them into the Keep Pile (which is now in the smaller shelf) and the Donate Pile (which will find new homes), and dismantled the ‘case. I was shocked to see the shelves have been literally sagging under the weight of the books on them, and apparently, it has been looking to kick the bucket for years.

What I didn’t know was that the floor underneath it had very much the same idea.

Remember what I said before: painted wood flooring. Apparently, it wasn’t even painted underneath the bookcase; it was never moved from its spot during the original renovation (a no-no). And as I saw from the quality (or lack thereof) of the wood that was exposed, it wasn’t even treated underneath the bookshelf, never mind the lack of a paint job. Combined with the 100+ pounds of book and bookcase weight, it started to sag a little.

Well, more than a little. There’s a one-inch gap between the baseboard and the floor.

And also because it wasn’t treated, that corner of untreated wood started to splinter a little bit.

Now, there’s two solutions:

1. Rip up the flooring altogether and lay down actual parquet floors. Not happening, I can’t afford that, and even if the landlord OK’s it, I can expect the next lease to be noticeably higher in rent.

2. Put up a new baseboard and make sure that whatever goes into that corner of the room is not particularly weight-bearing. This can be done in pretty much any incarnation of furniture arranging. The wardrobe will be about the same weight as the (unloaded) bookshelf, or I can slide the comp desk over there. Even flush against the wall, it will be a nonissue weight-wise.

Just…egad. NOT what I wanted to discover mid-revamp.