Storm Update…

Okay. Figured I’d let you know what’s going on.

The fact that I’m putting up this post tells you that 1. the power is still on and 2. it’s not that bad as of yet. As it were, I’m over at my friend’s place, and I’m going to stay here for a bit. My friend and I will maintain the apartment, cook, clean, whatever it needs to. We have a full stock of groceries, bottled water – the works.

We also have a weather clock, and the barometric pressure is steadily going down. 29.82 and dropping still. The air is heavy; for all it feels like, it’s Florida. It’s humid as all get-out, and the rain is only adding to the humidity. Wind? What wind? None just yet.

It’s also a little eerie. My friend lives close to the subway overpass, and it’s not uncommon for us to hear rattling. There is none, and hadn’t been any for hours. The roads are closing, and there is almost no traffic to be seen anywhere. For once, the city that never sleeps is at least pausing, and I find it weird.

My friend knows the weather patterns; he has been taking flight lessons and had studied weather. Those same conditions showed before the snowstorm earlier this year.

Brace yourselves, my fellow East Coasters, it’s going to get nasty…



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  1. Toilet paper, it’s often forgotten. Hurricane Katrina – one ISP stayed on and up, they had generators, gas, water, food…but they forgot the TP. That was their one mistake.

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