On Stalling

So I’ve hit writer’s block in my books again. And it was pretty solid, far as writer’s block goes.

The beautiful part about it all is that I had the story laid out from the beginning, at least as far as Book 5 was concerned. I did allow myself to stall on the writing a bit, if only because it takes me longer than usual to visualize the scene, but I found that it was a pretty useful tool in laying out the Big Picture: the arc itself.

Arc 2 of The Index is a different animal altogether. Where in the first arc I was getting to know my characters, their lives, and the misadventure that they got themselves into, this isn’t the challenge now. Now, I have to give them trials and tribulations, make them grow as people, and maybe send them into a madcap adventure again. And that’s the challenge that the stallout brings. If I’ve not been writing for a long time, even though I have the story lay out, where do I take the arc if I don’t know what comes next?

A catch-22 if you will.

But you know, sometimes it’s necessary. For one, I’ve been spreading myself too thin – again! – and while I took a hiatus from the blog for a week, I wasn’t able to take one from everything else. Home Improvement is almost done. I’ve gained back my concentration, which is extremely important, especially in writing. And for two: sometimes, fresh eyes are needed to get the story cooking.

I’m rereading Book 5 now, what draft of it I have, and while I’m chuckling at the scene where Corwin Jacobs shows exactly what his abilities are, and how they can be applied, I’m also wondering if this will be the character who will change the course of a battle in the next book. And, distantly in the back of my head, I’m thinking about the Origins arc. That one…will be long.

All in good time, and all in idling. For a bit, anyway.

Love you all. And Book 4 will go to my editor soon. :)