NaNoWriMo 2011…or, better put, PANIC.

So it’s past mid-October already, and I have a little less than a week to go until it’s time to work on National Novel Writing Month again. Which means that for a month, I abandon all pretenses at a social life, hole up with my Netbook, and abuse all of my keyboards in order to produce a book draft.

Fun times! But I’ve done this for five years in a row, and have won each time.

But this time, I have no idea what to write!!!

For those who are unfamiliar, NaNoWriMo is a contest. No prize, except for a first draft of a novel. But the contest is simple: 50,000 words of original manuscript to be written within 30 days.

If you’re balking, you are right. It sounds easy, but it’s like pulling teeth. You have to shut up the inner editor that ever author has, and you have to keep your plot either on a separate outline, or completely in your own head. And the plot can, and does occasionally fall by the wayside. You get a manuscript, yes, but no one said it will be complete, and no one said it will have any quality. And it would still need to get finished!

It gets interesting on my end, if you consider that I am working on a series. This will be Book 6 that I’m working on; the second book of the second arc, and for all I know, it may well be wrapping up the arc altogether (yes, short arc, but unless my muse decides to contrary, it may work to my favor – means I can get started on Origins sooner!). But this also means that I have to keep in mind the entirety of the last two books. And of course, the last book I wrote is, as of yet, unfinished, with one chapter to go.

You see my dilemma now, don’t you.

….yeah, I’m in for an interesting November!

But, all of that aside, there’s some exciting stuff happening. Book 1 had resumed steady movement of sales where Kindle is concerned, which is spectacular news. I will be honest, of all my manuscripts so far, Book 3 is my easy favorite. But with series readers liking to start at the beginning, this just tells me that people are getting curious about this. Considering I’ve fallen seriously behind on my marketing, this is excellent news.

And, of course…drum roll please…

Book 4 will enter editing phase before the end of the year!

I will wait until NaNo is over to get it over to Gayle, and we’ll work it through as before. I have some rewriting still to do, especially at the end of it, but the more I read through that manuscript, the more I like it, and the more I see that my writing skills have markedly improved with this series. Grammar, story structure, strategy – all of that had improved as I kept writing, and working with Gayle as my editor. But I’m earmarking to release Book 4 sometime before tax season next year, barring unforeseen issues. If something gets glitchy, I’ll release it May 1st of 2012, and be able to grab the copies in time for Newport Beach 2012.

I’ve gotten a couple of people asking me whom I’ll use for cover art, especially seeing that I had a guest artist for Book 3. Honestly? I can’t tell you. I’d love to use both Jenna and Marion again, much like what happened with Book 3, but as of this moment, I need to actually get the manuscript happening. Cover art will come to me; it always does.

And so the story goes…

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    1. Do it, do it, do it!!!!!! It’s an experience unlike any other. If you ever said “someday I’ll write a book” – that’s why this exists; because someday is November.

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