And a little more in traveling brouhaha…

This comes to you from my stateroom, where I’m all packed, and ready to get myself home. I’ve had a wonderful trip, which I will describe in further detail once I’m in Miami International, however…

Well, this is the deal. NYC is having a snow issue right now, in the sense that snow is being issued liberally from the sky, which is playing hell with air traffic.

You see where this is going, right?

Geeze, after 3 years of having NO issues whatsoever in traveling, I get a double-whammy.

For all I know, I’m stuck in Florida. Not a bad place to be stuck in, but if you consider that I have work Monday, and it would be REALLY great if I could come and earn my paycheck, which would in turn enable me to travel more, this suddenly takes on a whole different light. Few things appeal to me more right now than the thought of my own (warmed by electric blanket!) bed and a hot cuppa for the commute. I love this ship, I love the cruise, the music, the people, but…frankly, being home sounds good too.

I’m hoping that tomorrow, I’ll be able to fly. If not, I will be sure to let people know.

To my troops – thanks for looking out for me. I’ll do the same for you in a heartbeat.

Love you all.