Oh, American Airlines…

You know, I love flying AA normally. Flawless service, easy-as-pie boarding, and their peanuts aren’t half-bad.

Kidding on that last. But really, until this trip, I’ve had no issues in flight.

In case I was worried about getting to NYC on time, I need not worry. Delays are at zip, I’m just flying back to bundle into my winter coat tomorrow.  Been there and done that.

It’s the actual getting to NYC that turned out to be the problem.

Remember how my flight got cancelled and I didn’t know until I got to LaGuardia? I rebooked and thought nothing of it.

You guessed it!!! Apparently, AA took it as a hint to cancel my entire reservation…including the flight home.

ARRRGH!!! Seriously, American Airlines??!

No worries. One new orifice later, I’m right back on the flight that I got booted from, and almost in the same seat, to boot. I always fly in a window seat. Scenery, you know?

But jeez louise, you would think that killing one leg wouldn’t kill the other, right?

Eh, small potatoes. Look out NYC, your favorite mayhem-causin’ author is comin’ home!