On CapJazz 2011

Now that I’m back on dry land, I can tell you that it has been quite a trip. I’ll have only a few highlights, since – for once!!! – I focused on relaxing much more than I did on the music. And man, it paid off. I wrapped up Book 5, at long last, my first two days into the cruise. The rest of the cruise, I had, well, cruised.

I won’t lie, it’s the first time I’ve had a trip with any sort of traveling issues. You have the posts below as evidence of that, I’m sure! And now that I’m here, back at my desk, and staving off the oncoming Annual Throat Bug(tm), I am reflecting back on everything that happened there.

From the top!

1. Gerald Veasley & Sounds of Philadelphia – Excellent show, no question there. And watching Gerald on the bass is a show within a show; he is an absolute gas when he plays. No question, he’s an ideal host for a jam session, and he proved it time and again.

Which brings me to…

2. The Jam Sessions –  One fine day, I’ll stay up long enough to see one all the way through. And let’s just put it this way: Patti. Austin. Just…wow. She made the entire audience blush on the first night, and none of us are saints to begin with.

3. Vinx – Granted, I saw him only in jam session (the Pieces of a Dream show ran a bit long, and I couldn’t make it to the Underground to check him out in a solo show…pity) but he was impressive. Not every day you hear someone do a bass line with a djembe drum, and not every day you encounter someone with a Vandross voice in a vocal-percussion medium.

4. Nick Colionne & Norman Brown – last jam session, they turned up their inner George Benson on Breezin’ and that brought back memories. For a second, I could’ve sworn I was in the theatre at the Celebrity Century again, and waiting for Boney James to jump in from the sidelines.

5. Phil Perry – One word: damn!

6. Fourplay – I will be honest, I would’ve loved to see them have the theatre rather than the pool deck, but they did wonderfully with it, and the sound was outstanding. Sunburn can get bent. That’s where the party is.

7. Ken Ford – …daaaaaammmmmn, That is all I can say. First show of the cruise, and he did not disappoint.

8. Sinbad – Aside from being pretty damn hilarious, I had no idea that he played guitar.

Aside from the minor brouhaha escaping Hurricane Rina, which was effectively in the ship’s path if we were to continue onto the course to Belize, it was a wonderful, amazing vacation. Key word is vacation.

And just to note, rough waters because of hurricanes are not a fun way to navigate. The ship was rocking violently enough to make me quite seasick, and I don’t get seasick at all. My sunglasses actually broke because they bounced off the desk, and the sound of flapping closet doors and drawers kept me awake until I used my luggage to barricade it. Not fun. But that’s what I get for cruising in hurricane season!

Now…to have a hot cuppa, snack a little, and get work done. Glad to be home.



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