NaNoWriMo Update – Week 2

Or, as I call it, the “preliminary block” phase.

Gods, if it weren’t difficult before, I’m certainly getting there now.

I got the storyline down somewhere at the end of Week 1. I like the story; it may expand a little further, develop the subplots some more at a later time, and I definitely need to inset a few kicking-ass scenes there, but it can happen at a different time. This is taking shape to be more of a mix of neo-political, in addition to the usual high-flying action my books are rife with, and while I desperately wish I could watch some Law & Order for inspiration, my time home is limited, and my to-do list is overwhelming.

But! The plot is there. While it’s in bits and pieces in my head, it exists. Which gives me hope.

In non-NaNo news, I got my good camera at last!! Now to get it a decent lens and a 16GB SDHC card. People, order some graphic design from me!!!! Commemorative orders welcome. I want to earn something for my photography supplies here!

Oh, and have a widget.


It’s coming along… :)