Letters to my Muse (a NaNoWriMo update)

Dear Muse,

You know, I think this is the year that you and I will get along swimmingly. You may have been quite slow in baking up a plot for me, but – and I will not deny a little bit of help from a friend, as well as the friend named caffeine – this is beginning to seriously evolve rapid-fire. I will likely have difficulties as things go along, I may even combine two books into one just to finish the arc with any sort of a decent ending and springboard into Origins, but this is coming out to be a fantastic little arc.

But let’s keep it going, shall we? It’s not as funny a couple of books as #3 had been, but I have to get 20,890 words more. Within about a week and change.




Yes, this means that NaNo is going well. And, what seemed like a plot that’s just trawling along had evolved into an interesting direction, almost to the point where the segue into the Origins arc, which tells the back stories to some of the favorite characters, and which also gives a major basis to the arc that will follow, will have to be told in a mostly-flashback sort of style. That is to say, I would have the bulk of the “past” story get told as one of the characters in the present day and time is exploring it.

Maybe? Possibly?

It definitely has room for thought.

I’m wondering how to tell some of the sub-characters’ stories, truth be told. It’s not a matter of leaving anyone out, but it’s a matter of telling it well. That and the character of Jason Watson is interesting enough to dig into a little further, no? :)