New Layout, New Things…

If you go to the site now, you will find that I decided to go for a simple three-column layout. I like simplicities, for one, and for two, this actually solves a major issue with the layout: page links. They’re the little list on the right, and they have a new addition too: Where to Buy My Work.

I will soon be registering for SmugMug as far as photos. Two major benefits: I keep original resolution of 300dpi (which is the ideal print resolution, for those not in the graphics world) and – and this may be verifiable – there is a way to order prints through there! Awesome.

In new projects, I will be designing a calendar. Mostly for my own use; if it works out well, I’ll make them available to the public next year. I want to first make sure that I know what I’m doing; print calendars are an iffy endeavor for me, considering that I generally size for commercial printing.

And ohh, Book 6. Now this one is a lot more fun than I thought it would be when I was starting it. Maybe a little bit Law & Order courtroom drama than outright ass-kicking action, but there will be plenty of that as well, seeing as one of my characters had, quite inadvertently, outed himself for what he really is. So did his housemate, although…not completely. Whoopsie? Well, it may have something to do with why Rena walks around like she had seen a ghost.

And speaking of ghosts…

I’ll shut up now. I swore not to do spoilers, but let’s just say this storyline had effectively jumped out of nowhere and demanded to be written. Kudos to my friend T. for steering it in the right direction.

So, my schedule looks as follows:

– Work, then work on Book 6 a little more…take a break? Yeah right. The Muse doesn’t like waiting.

– Acoustic Alchemy at the Iridium

– Bob Baldwin in NJ at Trumpets

– Win NaNoWriMo (one way or another…my sixth win, dammit!!!)

– Debating between Peter White Christmas and David Benoit. Selina Albright or Mindi Abair and Kirk Whalum? Decisions…

– Christmas party Dec. 17th (seeing some friends while I’m at it)

– Chris Botti on Christmas Eve. One way or another, I’m going to that show. I love Chris Botti’s Blue Note show.

And New Year’s…I don’t know. But I know it will be a good one.



2 thoughts on “New Layout, New Things…

  1. I like the layout, it is very simple, but it needs some color! Plain white space *shudder*…But not “too busy” lol…
    Managment: Fix it and make it pretty. Tomorrow…
    “Here Boss, check it out!”
    Management: OMG this is SHIT!
    “Here, Boss, look now!”
    Management: OMG wonderful !!!
    (put it back to it’s original state)…*sigh*

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