For the 6th year in a row, I’ve committed literary craziness. I have put down 50,000+ words in 30 days or, as it is in this case, less.


What’s next? First of all, finish the damn story. It actually is getting pretty interesting; it will be a short book, but I got something going on right now that may well turn out to be exactly what the story needs. So I’ll keep writing, but this time, I’ll do so at a bit of a leisurely pace. Unlike last year’s book, though, I’m not going to wait a full year to finish it. I hope to crack through the rest of what is now Book 6 (entitled Cause & Effect) by New Year’s Night.

Second, I think I’ll attend the Desperation Libation party with the NYC NaNo group. I’ve been wanting to make it to some of the write-ins, but as it turned out, had too much to get done in non-writerly things. So either Desperation Libation or the TGIO party. I need to meet up with my fellow literary crazy people this year again. :)

Third…well, enjoy the rest of this weekend, I think. It’s pretty rare I have this much time to myself, and I have a camera that’s itching for some shooting. So maybe I’ll head to one of my favorite picturesque neighborhoods to get some practicing in.  Or maybe Long Beach, if it won’t be too cold, but that’ll be after Dec. 2nd.

And fourth…I will need to get some Christmas shopping done. As in, Christmas concert shopping. :) Peter White at BB King’s? Or Botti at the ‘Note? I would love both, but if the money’s tight, I’ll have me a Peter White night. :)

Rhyme not intentional, I assure you.

Whew…now, to get some decaf coffee, for a change, and rest my typing fingers.

Literarily yours,