Surprise Audience

You know, there will come a day when you, if you’re an aspiring author with a blog, will find that your audience is so much broader than you think.

I’m having that moment right about now, and I’m quite tickled to find that out.

This is the thing: while I have a certain amount of Twitter followers, e-mail subscribers, and WordPress followers, I’m finding that there is a whole new set of readers to this blog – potential book buyers, I hope! /shameless plug – who are kind of hidden in the ether. As I discovered through a friend of mine, RSS subscriptions don’t show up on the WordPress control pane, which is something that I’m finding rather awesome.

This blog has been up since May of 2009. In other words, two and a half years. It just passed its 10,000 view mark, and while I can’t reveal the exact number of subscriptions and followers – direct breach of my own policy to do so – I can tell you that my readership had right about doubled in recent times. When I had first started this blog, I didn’t think that it would evolve the way it had, both in terms of my music-related writing and my writing-related writing, but there you have it.

I can’t tell start-up authors enough: persistence pays off, especially if you’re going self.

Nonetheless, publishing medium aside, this is a lesson in long-term investments. When one chooses to become a writer, regardless of how they go about the publication of their writing, they’re in it for the long haul, and it can be a very long haul before you gather enough publicity, readership, and general audience for your work, regardless of whether it had already been released or is going to be. Once you make the choice to go headfirst into the life of an author, musician, artist, photographer – anything creative, your audience building efforts are an ongoing affair.

Considering that I just now got an email ping that someone had subscribed to this blog, I’m glad to keep it up.

Hat-tip and a hearty welcome to all the new readers, and to the lurkers whose RSS feed doesn’t ping on my stat counter. :)