So I’ve been noodling around this idea of an anthology of music-themed stories, art, and poetry. I’m no poet, but I do know several who may do well being featured. This anthology will not be just mine.

I have also signed up for Duotrope, and will attempt to find a paying market or two for some of the stories, because hey – won’t hurt. That and if there’s a trad-pub market that will like some of these stories, all the better.

Now, for what this anthology will contain:

The Haunted Club Series: I was thinking about Etta James after putting up her commemorative story, and how every time that we lose a great musician, I always say, “They’re at the grand jam session in the sky.” Well…this, in turn, gave me an idea: how about I write about what some of those jam sessions are like? Let’s cross decade boundaries and time, and put Count Basie together in the same room as George Howard. The reason for it being a series – of short stories, not novels! – is because there’s just too many pairings that I can have fun with. Benny Goodman and Wayman Tisdale? Duke Ellington and Grover? There can be a lot of potential genre crossovers.

– Photo & Art: There are a lot of great photographers and artists in the contemp-jazz world. Jerry “JB” Brooks shoots a great set. So does Ron Hancox. So does Keith McD. So why not feature them? Also, Bettie Grace Miner’s paintings are gorgeous. Nathan East is on Flickr.

Musicians’ Insights: This is an endless set of possibilities as well. I’ve read Mindi Abair’s columns in Wine and Jazz, and Matt Marshak’s blog posts. Bob Baldwin is trying his hand at being a book author as well. I will see who is willing to contribute what, and I have no idea what I’ll get. This is a little exciting.

– Commemoratives: Self-explanatory.

Altogether, I’m looking for about fifty pieces to go into this anthology. I will have to figure out how copyright and royalties will work, depending on how many people will be contributing. They will get fair share of their royalties, and I will publish them in a medium that is beneficial to all of them. Yes, I plan on paying the contributors if the anthology will be selling. No, I have no intention of running a small press, but I do not think that it’s right for me to take a contribution and not give something back for it. Not how I roll.

Lots to think about, and I will have to do plenty of research.



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  1. if you want to include poetry in this, i have some poems i could submit to you, to see if it fits with what you want

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