Again on the rhetoric

In AlterNet. Also, the incident with the cat.

Let me say this again: this does not happen in a void.

We’ve always know that the Republican rhetoric was violent. Gabrielle Giffords had a bullet pass through her brain as a result of said rhetoric. Now this? A Bible verse specifically aimed to wish a President his death, and killing the family pet of an opposing political party’s campaign manager?

Enough. Seriously, enough.

Let me drop some crim-J knowledge on you. Mens rea is just as relevant as actus reus. For those of you who don’t speak Latin or legalese, it means that thoughts and mindset matter. Court cases all over the US, as well as the entire spectrum of punishments for incitement, enticement, and conspiracy to commit a crime, will show you: influence matters. And violent influence definitely plays a part in committing a violent act, specifically continuous exposure thereto.

Look, going back to Gabby Giffords – her shooter had been listening to violent rhetoric for so long that it’s pretty solidly ingrained in his brainpan. You cannot deny that it had played an influence in his ultimate decision to shoot Rep. Giffords. And you know, I can’t think of any way that the incident with the cat is in any way different. Violent rhetoric breeds violent action, and this has been proven, time and again, all over the world.

How many more incidents like that with the cat will it take to see that the Republican rhetoric is a showcase of violence?

Seriously. Is discourse that dead?

When will we return to a point where we can debate different points with a certain modicum of logic and respect?

And for those of you who may be thinking that the cat was an unrelated incident – oh, spare me. I would have thought about believing it if the poor cat didn’t belong to a Democratic campaign manager. For those saying that the left wing does the same thing – really? When? When did a Democrat kill a Republican’s pet? When did a Democrat threaten a President with death through a Bible verse? I’d like some specific incidents as proof here, because it seems to me that the violent rhetoric is pretty damn one-sided, and it’s inciting some people to act on it.

Maybe I’m an old soul, but do I ever wish that politics could actually be…I don’t know…civil again. I don’t remember any of this crap happening when it was Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole for the presidency, and the debates back then didn’t make my head hurt. Granted, I was a kid back then, but if there was anything that struck me as good about those debates, it was that both Clinton and Dole were respectful of each other, even if they opposed.

Now, it’s just violent rhetoric and the inability of certain people to accept that a black man is in the White House.



4 thoughts on “Again on the rhetoric

  1. You know, one thing Obama commented on about the current Republican candidates is that they’re even fighting each other. They have no common ground. Where, in comparison, even though he was running against McCain they had some ground where they had the same views on a matter- even though they were of different parties. The Republican candidates this time had none of that. I also agree with you that they incite violence. I still say Palin is responsible for Giffords getting shot as she incited the incident and even had maps with crosshairs on them. Yet said she didn’t do anything.

    How is that even allowed? It truly makes me sick. I really hope, more than anything, that Obama gets re-elected again. I don’t want to see a single one of those Republican candidates end up in the White House. I’m actually afraid for our country and what will happen to it if even one of them does end up leading it.

    1. I’m voting to re-elect Obama. He’s not been perfect, but no one is, and he’s already done plenty good. He disappointed on a few accounts, but again, he’s not perfect.

      I will not stand for any of those sociopaths being in power. Seriously. That is what they are, plain and simple. They don’t give a damn about the poor, they don’t give a damn about women, they don’t give a damn about animals, and they don’t give a damn about the world around them. All that matters to them is the almighty dollar, and it doesn’t matter whom they have to drive into a grave to get that dollar. The only even human-resembling person I can think of in that party is Giuliani.

      I am honestly terrified for this country if it goes Republican in this election. Few things scare me as much as the Republican Party.

      1. Yeah, I’ll be re-electing Obama. I agree that he has made mistakes, but he’s also achieved alot as well. Jobs have went up for example and he has brilliant ideas to make more jobs available. His mistake in the beginning was trying to make things work between both the Republicans and the Democrats, and to keep things fair, which is admirable. Yet that let the Republicans use him and made people believe he had no backbone. Now though I think he’s shown that he is done with that, and does have a backbone, by not letting the Republicans try to put the blame on him. He’s been calling them out on their bull for quite some time now, and he refuses to let them blackmail him. I think that’s a great sign.

        I agree with you. The Republican party is *terrifying*. I can’t even imagine what things would be like if they got in there. If people think things are bad now… well, if that happens they haven’t seen nothing yet. Cause everything will really be awful. Women will have practically no rights, again, and people will be working themselves to the bone for even less than what they see now. Meanwhile the rich won’t be paying taxes, but we’ll be overtaxed. That’s honestly the way it seems like the Republicans would take the US if they got it. It’s very frightening.

      2. Obama had re-won my respect in quite a few ways lately. The fact that the job trend is showing an upswing – a very very slow upswing – gives me hope that I can as of yet do better than what I got, as opposed to clinging to my current job with my teeth. He’s saved millions of lives by the healthcare reform, even if it doesn’t have a single payer or a public option as of yet.

        I really am wondering if someone on his staff had actually said, “Mr. President, those people are not to be reasoned with. Take the gloves off.” Had I been on his staff, I would’ve said that, in those exact words. I’m hardly one for mincing them.

        The even scarier part is that those people have people who follow them. That’s what chills me to the bone. The “practically” in your scenario is excessive. The Republicans have no concept of how to treat women. None. Their view of women is undoing the past hundred years. I shudder to think of what those people have in mind for women who had tubal ligations and really don’t subscribe to the whole “barefoot and pregnant” ideology that they had cultivated.

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