Happy February 14th!

Note I’m using the date, not the fact of what “holiday” it marks. I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day as a real holiday, because frankly, it’s just a farce perpetuated by Hallmark and anyone else who benefits from the social pressure to buy, buy, buy for your Valentine. For one day, you buy or receive a card, chocolates, go out to dinner…and none of this is something that you can’t do on any other day. What, precisely, stops people from showing their loves ones how much they’re loved on any of the other 364 days in the year?

Two words: absolutely nothing.

“But it’s special!” you may say.

Okay, tell me how. Tell me exactly how or why one day on the calendar is different than any other day for showing someone that they’re loved.

The way I see it – and again, that’s just me – but if you want to celebrate something, make sure that it actually means something to the person you’re celebrating it with. Valentine’s Day is a day on the calendar and while to some people it does mean something, to others, it’s a lot less significant than, say, the day you actually met the person. And what would mean more to you: a day on the calendar or the day you actually realized you were in love? Because that day doesn’t necessary coincide with the calendar-marked excuse to spend exorbitant amounts of money on candy, flowers, and trinkets.

Quite personally, if I were not single, I would rather celebrate the day that I met that person. Or go to the place where I felt the best with that person. A particular day that stands out in my memory is March 24th; it has a special significance to me, not romantic, but it’s the anniversary of a very personal Good Thing – and to me, that carries a lot more meaning than if someone were to come to my workplace with a dozen roses.

Not that I don’t love roses, but I would rather get them on any other day but today.

Seriously, let’s have a little perspective. If you do love someone, show them – but show them in a way that’s other than doing what’s socially prescribed on a day in mid-February. Believe you me, it’ll carry a hell of a lot more meaning to your loved one than if you just did what’s expected of you.



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