Mormons Baptized Anne Frank…


You know, I respect religions. I respect in the right of people to worship whatever deity they see fit. If it floats their boat, A-OK, just give my lack of religion the same respect. Most people have no regard for atheists one way or the next, but that’s another story.

But I cannot respect forcing your religion on someone, under any circumstances. Especially when that person is DEAD.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the demarcation between religion and cult. I don’t see Jews converting someone posthumously. Do you? Does someone get converted to Roman Catholicism when they’re dead? Of course not. I don’t see the Muslim forcing their religion onto others either. And let’s not even touch the atheists; they can’t force anything on the dead, because they don’t believe in anything. The Mormons are the only “sect” of Christianity that does this.

I think that what they are doing is the absolute height of disrespect. It not only infringes personal beliefs, but it does the one thing that I, even as an atheist, cannot abide by: it disturbs the dead. I’m not particularly keen on spiritualism, but I am a firm believer that the dead should rest in peace, and in the peace of their choosing if they can have that luxury. In other words, left alone and undisturbed. Anne’s justice had come at the Nuremberg Trials, where the SS and Nazis had been tried, found guilty, and executed with the world watching. She had died of an avoidable disease in a concentration camp, just a few months shy of liberation. It’s bad enough that no one knows exactly where she’s buried, or that she’s sharing her grave with the other millions who had died in the camps, but at no point was she apologetic or sorry for being born Jewish. Why in the blue ever-loving riverdancing fuck would someone baptize her posthumously? Never mind missing the entire point of the Baptismal rites, I cannot possibly imagine that Anne, or any other Holocaust victim, would have wanted this, had they been alive. Not to mention, I’ve yet to come across a single religion apart from Mormonism that would dare to disturb the dead, even in this fashion. It’s sacrilege, and it is sacrilege even to me, as an atheist.

I chose to live my life free from religion altogether. I don’t believe that there’s an invisible man in the sky that has a “plan” or whose will it is that people do this or the other thing. I sure as hell don’t believe in the Biblical God. And if someone were to “posthumously baptize” (quotations for contempt) me, and you’re alive to know about this, give that person some serious hell. They believe in it, after all.

I disagree with Mormons on a great many things. Notice how their polygamy is always one man having multiple wives, but never a woman having multiple husbands. Warren Jeffs, one of their leaders, got convicted on child sexual assault because some of those “wives” was fourteen years old, which is below any state’s age of consent. And he, to the last, kept saying that this was “God’s will”.

Bullshit. Your penis isn’t god, Mr. Jeffs, no matter what you say.

I disagree with the Mormon church for even having the practice of posthumous baptism. If they actually bothered to read the New Testament about John the Baptist, I severely doubt that there is a mention of him baptizing corpses anywhere.

I disagree with the Mormon church for having compounds, such as this temple right here. It’s things like this that promote a climate of abuse within the sect, and if you don’t think that churches hide abuse, then I suggest you read a couple of newspapers. I cannot think of any girl who wants to get married as a young teenager to a man twice her age willingly. I cannot think of any other “church” that gets raided on charges of abuse. I cannot think of any “church” that would effectively shackle its women to the broodmare role and force her, quite literally, back to the 19th Century. The Roman Catholic and English Protestant churches – the oldest and original sects of Christianity, mind – have somewhat evolved with the times and encourage women to actually seek something meaningful, that impacts people. But nope, not the Mormons.

It’s more than a little suspect that “God’s Will” in the Mormon “church” is always in alignment with what someone male and in church leadership thinks and wants, with little regard as to who else will be affected by it.

It is a cult. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck. And in this case, if it operates like a cult, brainwashes people like a cult, and has a leader convicted of child sexual abuse, it is a damned cult.

Oh, and I find it adorable (read: enraging) that they are playing the “We don’t know how it happened!” card when it comes to Anne Frank. They’re saying that there was a “glitch in the system”. Good grief, people, can’t you even come up with a more plausible line of bullshit to justify the fact that you just pissed off every single Jew in the world? Seriously. At least give the courtesy of a good lie, and not the tired old playing-dumb routine. You’ve done this before, and you’ve done this before multiple times. We’re not stupid, and it doesn’t take much evidence to put two and two together – without the help of Sherlock Holmes.

When atheists are able to “baptize” people posthumously, that’s when I’ll budge on my stance that the Mormon “church” is a cult.