*cracks knuckles*

OK. I think it’s time to make my keyboard beg for mercy again.

So, you guys and gals know who Rush Limbaugh is, right? In case you don’t, he’s a teabagger with an ax to grind against, effectively, anyone with a pulse who’s not a rich white Republican male. You may have heard his asinine remarks on a syndicated radio show or two, and why the FCC allows this sort of virulence is beyond me.

You may also remember Roger Ebert putting an open letter up suggesting that Limbaugh be horsewhipped. Oh, Mr. Ebert, how I agree.

In fact, I will now suggest that Rush Limbaugh be horsewhipped publicly, on live national television.

Because he crossed the line.

You may have known of the mess that was the Republican hearing on contraception, wherein they barred Sandra Fluke, eventually-to-be-Esq., from testifying as to why it’s necessary for insurances to cover. Sandra had recorded her testimony and released it to the public on YouTube, where it had promptly gone viral. The Republicans, of course, were less than pleased.

Click here and read a quote from that Xanax-addled windbag.

That’s right, he’s suggesting that women who use contraceptives post sex videos of themselves in exchange for insurance covering contraception.

Pissed off doesn’t even begin to cover it. I don’t use the word hate lightly, but I truly hate this waste of skin. I. Hate. Rush. Limbaugh. He is a waste of flesh who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of the human beings. He is not worth the ground he walks on, and whatever money that he had amassed by being a professional douchebag should be removed from his possession immediately; money shouldn’t be wasted in this egregious a fashion. Roger Ebert was beyond right. Limbaugh should be horsewhipped in public for these comments, repeatedly, as was the fashion in the 16th Century. Two sides can play this game, people; if that idiot thinks that he can push people back into that mentality, then he better be prepared to deal with the punishment contemporary with the mindset.

First of all, let’s make it clear: insurance companies are privately owned. Is Limbaugh saying that the people who own those companies are the taxpayers? Because that’s not the case. Unless he’s referring to the healthcare reform plan, which is still very raw, and few provisions have been made as far as what taxpayer funds do cover. One thing is for sure: preventative care is guaranteed under the Obama plan, but most insurances are not taxpayer-funded. Private corporations and all of that.

And guess what: contraception is preventative care. It prevents not just pregnancy, but endometriosis, and staves off breast cancer, all of which were scientifically proven. And yes, insurance should cover it, and private insurance did, right up until the point that the teabaggers got a taste of power and the insurance companies realized that hey, why should they do such a pesky thing like give a damn and even such a sacrilege like save money? Because what’s more expensive, shelling out a little every month for a prescription or shelling out about ten grand for childbirth? Or, what’s worse, to take a pill once a month or risk death? Because childbirth still kills 1 in every 13,000 women. Complications can be lifelong. And what’s more expensive: cancer treatments for breast cancer or a pill once a month that may very well prevent it?

Ohhhh, right, I forgot. Insurance companies aren’t known for compassion or common sense if they routinely drop cancer patients. No longer the fact after Obama signed the healthcare law, thankfully, but yeah, that’s the norm du jour, because cancer is a pre-existing condition, you see.

And, for anyone who may want to think on a pro-lifer slant on this: you can’t abort what you don’t conceive. More contraception = less abortion. Common sense, right?

No, that actually involves thinking, and the GOP’s top hot-air blowhard cannot possibly be bothered with something like science. 

But wait, let’s go back a minute and analyze what just happened here. For the high crime of daring to suggest that the insurance companies actually do their damn jobs and do right by the people paying their premiums, Sandra Fluke gets called a slut, has her statement skewed wildly out of proportion, and on top of that, gets told to post sex videos online so that the GOP can get their shriveled nutsacks off? Wow. Virulent misogyny just hit a whole new low, when here I was thinking that the GOP penile superiority brigade can’t go any lower.

Why the fuck is it that whenever I think that someone can’t go any lower, shovels enter the picture?

Brilliant post by Jeff Winbush contains more of what he said. Jeff Winbush kicks ass in general, by the by.

But you know what? I always thought that the Tea Party were a bunch of old men who couldn’t get it up anymore and who are envious of any sex that anyone other than themselves may be having, so they do their best to invade the privacy of people’s bedrooms out of their own spite. This is proof positive that I’m right. Those sons of bitches are sex-obsessed enough to give Freud’s descendants work for three more generations to come. They’re pushing their own agenda on the rest of us because they cannot stand the fact that someone, anyone, may actually want to have this little thing called privacy, and this other little thing called intimacy without risk of conception. Heaven forfend that insurance companies actually listen to science and reason! Why let a woman directly affected by contraception regulations testify when you can just slut-shame her instead?

Does it make you feel like a big man, Rush? To victimize and bully a college student, whom your ilk had barred from testifying regarding something that affects her directly? Does that get your rocks off? I bet it does, you virulent, disgusting sociopath. I bet you get yourself off thinking about the number of people whom you’ve pissed off in recent years. Did you harm animals as a kid too? Because you know, the science you detest earmarks you as a potential serial killer; that and your drug abuse. Or is it just because you took too much Xanax in the morning? Or do you go off on women because no one touches drug-addicted bigoted assholes who aren’t hung well enough to please a rock? Pick one. But don’t you dare, don’t you fucking dare insult someone for expressing an opinion that’s contrary to yours and that is actually based on logic and facts, as opposed to virulent ideology. Your rights to free speech end where Sandra Fluke’s rights not to be insulted by the likes of you begin. Take a few clonazepam and check yourself into the first mental institution you find, because your sort of an irrational response and ideology tells me some very disturbing things about your personality disorder spectrum.

And yeah, I’m a “Feminazi”. I believe that I’m not a second-class citizen and that no body of government has the right to dictate what goes on in my bedroom or my uterus. Imagine that, the crazy idea that my body isn’t public property up for legislature! Eminent domain doesn’t extend to bodies, last time I checked.

Yeah, I signed the petition to get this fuckbag off the air. You should too. Enough is enough.



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  1. Speaking of how much it costs to have babies; I just spoke with my friend the other day who is on #2 in just over a year (whoops) and when she looked over the hospital bill that insurance covered…? 26 THOUSAND dollars for two and a half days in the hospital. That’s not counting the OB visits beforehand or the wellness check ups for her and the baby afterwards. I think the insurance companies would be very, VERY wise to not only pay for birth control, but advocate for it for women who are not ready to start their families.

    1. WHAT. 26K?!! My tubal ligation cost me about that much, but luckily, all I had to pay was my deductible. Managed to convince the insurance company, and they didn’t bitch. But still, 26K to have a baby, and subject the body to a VERY violent and dangerous process, versus a monthly pill. My gods, those people don’t think long-term at all, do they?

  2. I. Love. You.

    I signed that petition as well and am damn proud to be a “feminazi”, and a liberal. This douche needs to be gone. I can’t tolerate him or the nonsense that comes out every time he opens his chops. He needs to keep his mouth shut. I believe everyone has a right to an opinion, but in this case? No, just no. I don’t give a damn about his opinion when he’s stomping on someone elses opinion, and being a cruel prick. Horsewhipped publicly? Yes, please.

    My rights to my body are my own. Not anyone elses. In fact, they can have whatever thoughts they want on their own. Just don’t force those on mine.

    1. I have no idea why no one fired this guy…or better yet, tarred and feathered.

      Women don’t tell men to bend over and spread for a prostate exam every time they want Viagra. Why the hell do they believe they can tell women what to do with their repro organs? I really want to know why, because honestly, nowhere has it been proven that men are somehow genetically superior to women. Nowhere, and not the last time I checked. And just to remind, hanging genitalia is easier to amputate, and Lorena Bobbitt isn’t the only woman in the world who had contemplated castrating the man she’s with. Hell, if the Darwin Awards are to be believed, she’s also not the only one who’s done it. Just a little fact for Windbag to contemplate.

  3. This drug addled ass needs to not be off their air, but to stop wasting it. The older he gets, the more he sees his Conservative base fade away, the more he’s slipping into the insane gibbering of a white supremacist bumpkin.

    He needs to be gone, and any of these idiots who are fighting this war on women–the GOP, the conservatives, the Church–they need to be gone as well. The patriarchy need to crawl off to a corner and shut the hell up for good.

  4. Have you read Al Franken’s books? Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Liar is great, but I really really love Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

    I’m especially fond of the bit about how “she’s having so much sex she can’t even afford the contraceptives.” ..Yeah, cause that’s how it works, Rush.

    I hope he chokes on an Oxycodone.

      1. Of course we don’t, but they’re good reads. Franken is damned funny. The latter has a cartoon of “The Gospel of Supply-Side Jesus” and Al and his “son” (intern) go to Bob Jones for an interview. It also takes other blowhards to town .

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