Lack of Sleep…again

Yeah, you guys knew it was coming… 

It’s March 1st. In other words, corporate tax filing/extension deadline is 14 days away. Strangely, this is where my muse had decided to give me a solid one over the head and order me to write. Typical, innit?

Well, not for nothing, but I’ve always turned out great material when I was a little tired. 

Nonetheless, Book 4 is closer and closer to finishing, if only because whenever I come back to the manuscript, I’m using the story for the exact purpose that it was written for: escapism. The Index was, first and foremost, designed for people to read in order to not think about the problems of the day. When I read my own story, I do so in order to not think about work. And believe you me, there has been plenty of work to avoid thinking about! 

I mean it: go to an accountant’s office, and take a look at people. Haggard doesn’t describe it. 

I’m strongly debating taking a long morning in order to simply catch up on some rest. Extreme overtime does tend to exhaust a person, and I joked that I ought to move into the spare office of my job, because as of this point, I am at work more than I am anywhere else. 

Also, forgive WordPress. If you’re a subscriber, you may have gotten several posts with this headline, maybe duplicated in quite a few bits. Apparently, as I’m writing this post, WP auto-publishes it…or something. I’m using the New Post bit from the front page. Weird…

Also, with the latest that B&N is doing (more on that when I’m slightly more rested), I’m strongly tempted to pull my books from there and go for KDP Select. Seriously. I cannot believe what they’re doing, and this jives right with my previous post about Amazon. Amazon embraced indies and is doing absolutely everything in its power to tap the new market. B&N is…stuck in the “Legacy Publishing Rules” realm. 

Long story short, tired person is tired, and a more comprehensive post will come your way once I catch some Zs.